Reality's Revenge: Will 2013 Be the Year Climate Change Deniers Get Hoisted on Their Own Petard?

“But both ideologues and greedy plutocrats use denier talking points and free market babble to stall action and keep government action at bay.”

“Well, don’t look now, but 2012 just whizzed past, and thanks to a well-organized and well-funded denier movement, once again, we took no action on climate change. Ironically, by stalling action, climate change deniers are bringing about the end they’ve been struggling to prevent.” []

21 thoughts on “Reality's Revenge: Will 2013 Be the Year Climate Change Deniers Get Hoisted on Their Own Petard?”

  1. No such discussions will take place. It’s a belief, a religion. Facts, who needs facts. If we just believe strong enough it will happen.
    “if you build it, they will come” 🙂

  2. Exactly. I was hoping for this information to come out over at CommonDreams. Their discussion seems to have wandered off into strange conspiracy theory land.

  3. I believe your facts are correct. I was merely suggesting that the CAGW panic would be replaced a new CAGC panic.

  4. I was taught that the earth has been in an Ice Age for 350,000 years. Periodic thaws last about 11,000 years. We are at 11,000 years in the current thaw.

  5. As has been the case for millennia. And as soon as a 0.5 degree Fahrenheit temperature decline or 0.5 mm drop in sea level is reported, a new cadre of academic frauds and cause-heads will emerge.

  6. I hope Global Cooling is a FAD. I’m afraid the climate cycle has cooling next on the threshold.

  7. We can have field day debunking this inane article. I have selected the statement, “…global warming had been broadly accepted in the scientific community and at senior levels of government nearly 50 years ago”. In fact, global cooling was the fad in the 1970’s. If you will forgive me for citing Wikipedia, check this out —

  8. Yeah, that was a great move by Germany. euros subsidies/investments to turn the nation ‘green’. First thing to do when turning ‘green’ is shutting down the nukes and replacing them with coalfired power stations.
    Then going completely pearshaped with the wind and forgetting that if you put windfarms elsewhere then where the energy is needed you need transport lines.
    So now the neighbors can take the load and they are starting to balk at the idea to be the ones to take care of the enormous power surges and drops .

    There is no more money to build transit lines, the projected cost is in the billions so they even considered using the train power lines as transport lines.

    Germany is THE most impressive example of why this bollocks system can’t work, since Germany is a highly industrialized nation with a very high standard of industry.

    If it doesn’t work there, forget it about for example France. My personal powerline: (actual foto taken by myself)

  9. So I’m not the only one. That story was a clear example of breach of contract. The poor elf only wanted a child and did the impossible in order to obtain one, and in the end he was cheated.

  10. Just put this comment over at ‘CommonDreams’.

    “It is China and India who are the main CO2 emitters now. Of late, the USA is about the only significant sized country to reduce its CO2 emissions.
    This one and only IPCC boss, Rajendra, also said around mid last year, words to the effect that India had no choice but to continue using lots of coal. Refer to:
    It is not the USA who dominate in regard to CO2 emissions.
    A recent IEA energy report describes plans for over 1000 new coal fired power stations world wide, with about 900 of these in India and China.
    Interestingly it seems that over 20 new coal fired stations are planned in Germany too, a country where much renewable activity has taken place.”

  11. Allen: Yes, just like that! Except, I felt sorry for Rumplestilskin; can’t say that about these miscreants.

  12. Gene: Maybe if we keep the pressure up, they will throw a Rumplestilskin fit and stomp themselves through the floor.

  13. Hoping for more extreme weather in 2013, I guess. Starting with “ideologues and greedy plutocrats” to “well organized and well funded denier movement,” that article is a declarative fallacy on stilts.

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