2 thoughts on “London Mayor: “To call it ‘warming’ is obviously to strain the language””

  1. savebyj : ha, come on, I know your heart is in the right place and a simple internet post can hardly present the richness of your thoughts but … this little quibble .. 1) government agencies thrive on crisis. If there isn’t one they invent one. So there is little doubt they would turn on a dime and jump on an ice age crisis. At the moment though they have decades of effort invested in AGW. They still are trying hard to make it work. But if and when the time comes they will latch onto the next global change crisis. 2) why would anyone think government needs to consider (anything 🙂 global cooling? It’s the same scheme different name.

  2. He is entirely correct at the end of his article in suggesting that government agencies need to consider the implications of another ice age. If we keep listening to the idiots who say we are warming we could be very ill prepared for another serious ice age.

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