3 thoughts on “Laurie David moves on — from climate activism to attacking soda”

  1. I’ve been drinking several cases of Pepsi a week for a couple of decades now and I haven’t been to a doctor in decades as well. I’ll bet I’m far healthier and more physically fit than David is.
    Professional agitators is all these people are.

  2. Laurie’s “Climate Awareness” campus tour with Sheryl Crow, who fell on her face on her way out of the outhouse, was a unique entertainment experience.

    I have no idea how Laurie can reduce her credibility any further. Maybe some compromising photos of her and Albert will emerge in divorce court.

  3. Pepsi saved a golfing friend of mine a week ago.


    She overdosed herself on insulin at the turn and went into convulsions on the 13th tee. Her husband gave her Pepsi to get her blood sugar level back up. It worked. Within two minutes, it was as if nothing had happened, and she teed off.

    Pepsi, saving lives one diabetic at a time.

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