Lance Armstrong reportedly mulling doping admission

Since lying has stopped working, maybe the public can be scammed with a phony admission?

“Lance Armstrong, who has strongly denied the doping charges that led to him being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, has reportedly told associates he is considering confessing to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The report cited anonymous sources, and said that 41-year-old Armstrong was considering the confession to help restore his athletic career in triathlons.” []

4 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong reportedly mulling doping admission”

  1. As I understand the truth in this issue is that every serious competitor in bicycle racing uses some method of doping. The only ones who do not are so uncompetitive they are unknown and don’t even race in the well known races. So everyone in the Tour de France was doping. But the Europeans are and always have been really pissed that an American won never mind that he won 7 times. So this is payback, gotcha. Probably Armstrong did indeed do some form of doping. Probably everyone else did. But the catch 22 is he can’t say that to support his position so it is easy to take away his wins. So France/Europe won and they got the upstart American for having the chutzpah to enter and win THEIR race.

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