Guardian: When will we stop wasting fossil fuels by burning them?

Let’s save them for tomorrow so we can save them for the next day? The author must also have missed the news about fracking and the trillion-barrel find in Australia.

“Coal, gas and oil are used to make all sorts of everyday objects, but how we will make those things when fossil fuels run out?”

Read more at the Guardian.

One thought on “Guardian: When will we stop wasting fossil fuels by burning them?”

  1. I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who wrote in one of his short stories that people would be amazed at how we burned oil rather than use it for plastics. Some truth to this idea. If we had better energy sources, I’d say use them. For the foreseeable future, though, nuclear is a good way to get electricity and oil and natural gas are great ways to run vehicles. Coal is also a good source for electricity. None of the carbon fuels are actually in low supply now.

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