Fracking Found Safe In New York; Let Revolution Begin

New York officials deep-sixed a report that said fracking could be done safely.

“Though the public is learning about it just now, New York officials said nearly a year ago that fracking is not necessarily a hazard to public health. With that question answered, the state should clear the way for the fracking boom that is already a material economic driver to produce even greater gains.” [IBD]

One thought on “Fracking Found Safe In New York; Let Revolution Begin”

  1. Fracking has been going on for nearly 150 years and is no more dangerous to the environment that any other drilling or mining. With standards safeguards in place and control and mangagement of spoils water and materials pose no threat to the water tables. This is another agenda driven issue by the folks that will not be effected when power supplies dwindle and power is rationed. In is in fact just another grasp for total control.

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