15 thoughts on “Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference”

  1. Let’s remember to drive home this point. That whole line about “weapons of war” is absolute clap trap. The militia is supposed to have “weapons of war”.
    The Miller decision on sawed-off shotguns said that the government can heavily regulate weapons that are not suitable for military use (turns out the actual question of sawed-off shotguns for military use was not fully developed). That means the government cannot prohibit us (“the people” always refers to individual rights) from having weapons that are suitable for military use.
    There’s also reasoned discussion about why home defense can call for a weapon with more than 10 rounds in the magazine.
    As an aside, the US military issues full-auto weapons only to selected members of each squad. The typical military rifle now uses “burst” for a three-shot action rather than full auto.

  2. “yet the attention is on the constitutionally protected right, not on the criminal behavior.”
    That’s how collectivists such as Feinstein think. There are no individuals (except for the protected few, such as herself and other “Elites”) .. there are only “The masses” (you and me). There is no individual responsibility in the eyes of Collectivists. In their eyes, all the problems of the world are due to ‘society’. Paying “attention” to criminal behavior would mean they must accept the notion of the individual (and crazy individuals). They can’t accept that because it does not address ‘society’s’ problems. So instead .. they focus on punishing or curbing some society ‘problem’ (in this case, the 2nd Amendment). These people will not stop.

  3. The lofty phrase that is used is “gun violence.” However, all of the attention from the left is on the guns, with none on the violence, nor on from whom it comes, nor on why it happens. For consideration, the number of people confined in mental hospitals (in the US) is currently ~5% of what it was in the mid-50s, yet total population has almost doubled. Further, possession and use of firearms are protected by the Constitution (“shall not be infringed”), whereas violence is nowhere protected except in cases of self-defense – yet the attention is on the constitutionally protected right, not on the criminal behavior.

  4. Indeed. From what’s been exposed so far of the exact language, any firearm with a trigger would fall under the definition.

  5. Automobiles – just the ones driven by drunks, which would be felonious use – are the means used to kill more people than are firearms used to murder (annually in the US, per FBI & NHTSA data).

  6. The gun grabbers seem to pass over the fact that there were relatively few murders from rifles of all types in 2011 (~350), which was about 20% of the murder rate from knives. They are great with symbolism when the facts don’t back them up.

  7. I don’t know, she listed someone’s 22lr carbine. Sounds like it could be a highly dangerous assault rifle. Now, if you had added something like a Fajen target stock with thumb hole grip and adjustable butt plate, painted black, it would definitely be a HDAR.

  8. I have a Trench Gun with a place for a bayonet to be fixed (and I have a bayonet that fits there). I’ve heard that would be a banned weapon. Lots of crimes committed with a shotgun that has a bayonet fitted on the end of it . . . At least it isn’t a concealed weapon . . .

  9. Kel-Tec PMR30 not listed. I guess a 30 shot 22 magnum pistol isn’t considered an assault weapon. The Judge and Governor 45/410 aren’t listed either. 🙂

  10. Unfortunately this is a list of only named firearms, giving the false impression that these are the only guns that will be banned. In the full text of the proposed bill, it spells out a list of features that would make many more common firearms owned by responsible law abiding citizens banned, subject to registration and illegal to sell or pass on to family members.

  11. I would love to know EXACTLY how many deaths these specific arms were responsible for. If it is more than 50 I would be surprised.

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