EU: Electric cars set to hit the road

For the sake of their drivers and passengers, let’s hope nothing hits them back.

“The European Commission today announced an ambitious package of measures to ensure the build-up of alternative fuel stations across Europe with common standards for their design and use. Policy initiatives so far have mostly addressed the actual fuels and vehicles, without considering fuels distribution. Efforts to provide incentives have been un-co-ordinated and insufficient.” [EU media release]

5 thoughts on “EU: Electric cars set to hit the road”

  1. Countless applications are ideal for low speed solar electric vehicles. Countless military bases, resorts and corporate parks operate such vehicles worldwide. Sheraton just purchased their first fleet of solar electric cruise cars for maintenance and housekeeping as these vehicles travel under 10 miles a day and will operate off grid. Not a salvation for all applications but something to consider. NBC also justified them….

  2. Jim: Or into a mass crash when your battery goes dead on the 5 km 7 % uphills around Kassel? But; we can hope that the European Commission works just as efficiently as when the All-European problem of the highest allowed curvature of cucumber has been solved, much to the relief of us 504 million uneasy Europeans.
    Again, I quote the great thinker C. Brown. “GOOD GRIEF!”.

  3. As long as people think electric cars are some kind of salvation, they should be charged only by solar and or wind power sources. These lumps didn’t sell well 100 years ago and it’s likely they won’t this time around, either.

  4. “Efforts to provide incentives have been un-co-ordinated and insufficient.”

    Yeah, we screwed it up before, but this time, THIS TIME, we’ve got it right.

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