4 thoughts on “Delingpole: The Met Office – defending the indefensible, as per usual”

  1. Jimmy’s done/does a great service, but he might want to keep in mind that the people he’s skewering run with those jolly people who made the exploding-children videos.

    BTW, wasn’t the meme a just a couple of years ago that rising temperatures would lead to drier weather and desertification – instead of what the Met Office now asserts causes wetter weather?

  2. We actually have decades of peer-reviewed papers showing that atmospheric CO2 changes follow temperature changes in Nature on all observable timescales, from the multi-millenial, down to even the hourly.

    In light of this information alone, any attempt to put CO2 (Man-made or otherwise) in the climate driver’s seat is like asking a person to stand in the engine compartment and power his automobile while the turbocharged V-8 attempts to steer. Given most of the other data out there, putting CO2 in ANY sort of important climate role is like chaging the color of the paint job, and hoping to improve mileage as a result.

    For whatever reason, then, the Met is not — cannot be — primarily concerned with climate facts. Delingpole’s article is entertaining, to the point, and well-reasoned, but somehow I doubt his opinion is foremost in the Met’s collective mind either.

  3. This.

    As I have said before, any warming attributable to increased CO2 in the atmosphere is overwhelmed by natural factors. WHAT THOSE FACTORS ARE IS IRRELEVANT.

  4. Delingpole has penned a truly deft riposte to the Met Office’ garrulous counterattack, it’s good to see someone in the MSM holding up against the Green Left.

    We now have 17 years of proof that CO2 and global temperatures don’t move up and down together, which is proof that getting a handle on CO2 would not put our hand on ‘Earth’s thermostat’ in any meaningful way. Even after all their computer-generated fudging of the data, they can’t get past that stubborn fact.

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