4 thoughts on “AP Whitewashes EPA’s Defiance of Federal Court Ruling on Ethanol Mandate”

  1. If it was a private individual or small businessman that violated a federal court order, he or she would immediately be held in criminal contempt and fined or imprisoned.
    But this current administration is above the law.

  2. Theoretically the court can follow up the order with additional enforcement, up to arresting the head of the EPA or holding the president in contempt. I’d enjoy that! But Andrew Jackson once said (paraphrase) “The court has given its order. Now let it enforce it.” And the Cherokee wound up in Oklahoma.
    This order does give the targeted companies a legal basis for suing the daylights out of the EPA, which means you and me. Under the current administration, then, we’re going to wind up paying tax money to defend a policy most people don’t want that, if it goes into force, will raise the cost of transport fuels and probably damage a lot of engines while causing significant pollution in the production of the cellulosic ethanol. And then we will likely shell out tax money to pay the settlement when the court affirms.
    This is what happens when people get PhDs for dreaming instead of for science and when people vote with their gonads instead of their brains.

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