Texas AG on Jackson Leaving EPA: Good riddance

Okay… so he didn’t use that exact phrase but it’s close enough.


Statement from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on the Resignation of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

“It’s been a struggle dealing with the overreaching, agenda-driven Jackson-led EPA. Hopefully the new Administrator will take jobs and the economy into consideration. Texas will continue to take legal action if the new Administrator exceeds the bounds of the law.” [Texas AG web site]

3 thoughts on “Texas AG on Jackson Leaving EPA: Good riddance”

  1. The TCEQ is equally supra-legal, and increasingly in conflict with the EPA as the EPA is going further and further into the loony bin, from disqualifying a decade-old flex permit program (while proposing it themselves in the CO2 rules) to the CO2 nonsense themselves (with permitting procedures that go beyond ridiculous to the outright insane) to holding up water discharge permits so long that some people have actually missed permit renewal cycles (how do you hold up a renewal on a five-year permit for six to seven years? I don’t understand it either).

    Abbot is firmly in the TCEQ’s corner in this fight.

  2. Alas, the next Administrator will be just another marionette whose strings are also controlled by the President’s staff.

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