Obama to approve Keystone XL Pipeline?

“Analysts say President Barack Obama already appears to have made up his mind on Keystone.”

“‘We think that Obama has set the course on Keystone and it is still poised for approval sometime next year,’ said Divya Reddy, an analyst at the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy.” [NBC News]

7 thoughts on “Obama to approve Keystone XL Pipeline?”

  1. The Keystone pipeline would be a boost to Americas’ energy supply. The Obama administration will never allow this to happen.

  2. I guess it’s all about how an issue fits into the overall permanent campaign, but I’m still out on the limb of thinking since the time he first killed it when it was a no-brainer to do, that he won’t ever approve it. Approving it would prompt the question, “What’s he up to, now?” – or – “Why is this man buying these kinds of political points?”

  3. Well, Obama *did* tell the Russians that he would have ‘more flexibility’ after the election. He doesn’t have to appease the enviros anymore.

  4. Glad to see John Kerry coming aboard, at least we have some military bacing in the State Department now. Some one who know’s the effect of what bad judgements could create for our troops.

  5. UN Amb Susan Rice owns $650,000 in stock of XL’s parent, TransCanada. Obama’s approval of pipeline would be a partial reward for her appallingly deceptive talk show comments about the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. A possible issue could be Warren Buffett’s railroad holdings that benefit from the lack of a pipeline. Susan should get the nod since her net worth of $35 million is 1/1000ths of Warren’s. In Obama speak, Warren’s earned enough. Proving once again that the 2012 presidential race was about the rich & powerful — as in John Kerry, with a net worth of $250 million.

  6. Petrossa, narcissism is all about ‘self-reflection’ 😛

    Steve, you seem to have scooped this one, NO one else has said anything yet (in weeks), except for the site you linked to.

    I’m going to say that john Effing kerry will break ground with the Chinese- that is to say, a hole, 8 feet x 3 feet x 6 deep. Preferably, they will do this with him in Vietnam- he may actually find his lost Guts.

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