Monckton of Arabia disrupts climate conference, gets tossed by security

MoA speaks truth to hot air and corruption — and gets punished.

Monckton of Arabia

Greenwire reports:

…After the news conference, and as diplomats gathered for the climate conference president’s assessment of how close countries are to agreement, Monckton quietly slipped into the seat reserved for the delegation of Myanmar and clicked the button to speak.

“In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming,” Monckton said as confused murmurs filled the hall and then turned into a chorus of boos.

The stunt infuriated negotiators and activists here who gather every year to address what they believe is one of the world’s top threats, the steady rise of man-made global warming.

As Monckton was escorted from the hall and security officers stripped him of his U.N. credentials, several people noted that just a few hours earlier a group of young activists had been thrown out of the convention center and deported. Their crime: unfurling an unauthorized banner calling for the Qatari hosts to lead the negotiations to a strong conclusion…

11 thoughts on “Monckton of Arabia disrupts climate conference, gets tossed by security”

  1. BenOfHouston has good points, but Monckton is a Lord and he was factually correct and he didn’t use an F bomb..

  2. Indeed!

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

    And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

    – Barry Goldwater, 1964

  3. When an conspiracy of politicians meet to discuss ways of enhancing the UN’s anthropogenic global warming fraud, to enhance their control over the people and line their coffers while doing so, while the law turns a blind eye, and those with opposing views are barred, Christopher Monkton’s was the only honest voice heard.
    Observing protocol for the sake of protocol is the policy of fools and politicians.
    Tell me, what has the results of inaction achieved – except carbon taxes and wind farms.

  4. Removing a man who committed trespass (by sitting in a seat not his own), took up the microphone without turn, and took the floor without so much as a by-your-leave? It had as much class as Kanye West at the music video awards (this is not a favorable comparison)

    If an activist had done such at the NIPCC we would have been quite right to throw them out no matter how good their points.

  5. Sorry, Ben! The enormous breach of protocol is removing Lord Monckton after speaking the truth about atmospheric temperatures, while allowing those disingenuously linking CO2 to temperatures to remain. A look at the graphics in should clarify his veracity for all concerned.

    I salute Lord Monckton for calling out the Emperor’s nakedness for all to see. Pickpockets are not worthy of civil discourse, and if you haven’t realized it yet, they are in the process of picking yours!

  6. Seriously?

    That sort of stunt is something I expect from an undergraduate or an immature hippie, NOT a Viscount of Britain. He simply lost all possibility of civil discourse for a cheat shot that will be ignored due to his enormous breach of protocol.

    I look forward to hearing Lord Monckton explain himself.

  7. My hat is off to Christopher Monckton for his “The emperor has no clothes moment” I wish I could have been there to see their faces when he spoke the truth.

  8. I guess they don’t want him upsetting there yearly junkets to exotic places. And the party continues. These delegates would plunge the world into a permanent depression so they can continue their fun.

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