33 thoughts on “Connecticut school shooting tragedy ups gun-control pressure on Obama”

  1. I am also concerned with the “show over substance” issue. I have heard repeatedly regarding a number of dangerous situations, that schools are safer than anywhere else including their own homes…..

  2. You have hit it right on the nose, Sandy. We are have this right to protect us from tyrranny….. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1776,
    I heard of a recent FBI/ATF operation in Indiana, that was using The Safe Streets operation to remove fire arms from a dozen homes without charge or explanation over the period of a weekend. Some were gun collectors and some were not. I found it very troubling……

  3. I’m concerned that the schools are providing the illusion of security, classical show over substance. Lanza simply broke the glass and walked into the “secured school” and no one had any way to stop him.

  4. 2012 – Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, France – 4 dead.
    2009 – Winnenden school – Winnenden, Germany – 16 dead including perp.
    2009 – Azerbaijan State Oil Academy shooting, Baku, Azerbaijan. 12 dead plus perp.
    2008 – Mercaz HaRav shooting – Jerusalem, Israel – 8 dead plus perp.
    2007 – Jokela High School in Jokela, Tuusula, Finland – 8 dead plus perp.
    2004 – Beslan School Hostage Crisis – estimated to be 385 dead, including 186 children.
    1996 – Dunblane School Massacre – Dunblane, Scotland – 18 dead, including the perp.
    1974 – Ma’alot massacre – Ma’alot, Israel – 31 dead plus 3 attackers.
    There’s more, but it’s too darn depressing to go on.
    All places had strong gun control laws in place.
    None had a person on the scene trained and equipped to respond with immediate swift and decisive force.

  5. Gun control laws enabled the tragedy.

    As always happens, when the Libtards laws don’t work, they cry for MORE laws.

  6. “All I’m saying is that guns need to be controlled. ”

    There are already 20,000 gun control laws in the U.S.
    So you think one more law will do it?

    “We try to control it’s use, that is what is needed for the gun….Control who is using them.”

    Any adult in the United States who is not incarcerated can get a gun. “Control who is using them” is a fantasy.

    “lets take the time to show respect for those little ones who gave all”

    This is just cheap. Using the corpses of children to make your point. As I originally said, no tragedy is too severe for Liberals not to exploit.

  7. We’ve had ugly incidents with firearms. It’s silly to say otherwise and no one has. It’s also true that easy availability of a firearm has contributed to some of the ugly incidents. It’s silly to deny that but it’s harder to answer it.
    I live in a state where I can purchase a gun at a show with no formalities at all except a receipt and I’ve done so. I buy my primers in bricks of 1,000, my powder by the can and my bullets by 1,000s for reloading. My sport calls for 100 rounds for each match, sometimes more, and two of us shoot, so I can go through 1500 rounds in a year very easily.
    I keep my guns behind a lock to reduce the risk of theft and misuse. It’s not a perfect security system but it’s some help.
    I don’t know what clues Adam Lanza gave off or didn’t. I don’t know if his mother had reason to believe she should secure or remove her guns. I do know that Lanza was more likely to use guns this way than to use a firebomb or to get explosives.
    As others noted above, the answer of confiscating all lawfuly-owned guns is a poor response. I don’t have a good one either and I won’t sacrifice a basic right even “for the children”. The real issue was the viciousness of the shooter, something sport shooters and hunters can hardly identify with.
    No need for automatic weapons? Someone reviewed the history above — the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to make the citizens more dangerous than our government.

  8. Bob, It’s not folks like you that our society should fear and I’m not for banning guns. All I’m saying is that guns need to be controlled. Auto’s kill people to but we try to control who drives them: We have age limits, training before driving, insurance, speed limits, camera’s and patrol cars to catch those violating the laws, we have safety devices on the units. We try to control it’s use, that is what is needed for the gun….Control who is using them. Last of all, I’m done…lets take the time to show respect for those little ones who gave all, as with the others. Pray for their families ! Everyone is right…there will be other sick-‘os out there waiting.

  9. “You must really be insecure with yourself that you need excess ammo and weapons!!!” Not at all. 1 case, match grade .22 ammunition, same lot number. I remove one variable in target shooting for a while. The same with reloading. I “stockpile” for consistent performance.
    “Are you that bad a shot??” Compared to the good competition shooters, yes.
    “It’s apprent you must like to kill thing with that much AMMO on hand.” The only thing I try to kill is the center of concentric circles on paper. The last time I killed anything with a firearm was slaughtering hogs on the family farm about 40 years ago.
    Shooting is a hobby. So, tell me why, folks like me are the ones who really need to be controlled.
    As Gamecock said, I really don’t need a reason to have any amount of ammunition.

  10. Fine for me. I was not shot nor neiyjer of my children nor my classmates nor my children’s classmates. One guy nearly killed me by trowing me down a flight of steps.

  11. He doesn’t need to have a reason to have 5000 rounds of ammo.

    “It’s apprent you must like to kill thing with that much AMMO on hand.”

    Bizarre. Simply bizarre.

  12. I own and have bought many guns from private, dealers and gun shows. I’ve been hunting since I was 14 yrs. Other than military and police, There are no needs for automatic weapons, x-lg clips, Plated armour vest.. Everyone thinks I’m against guns…NO. I’m just saying that a gun is to easy to obtain and use. knifes, chain saws and such are too much work for these sick-o’s. I’m for more control on the above mentioned weapon’s. I’m sure if it was your kid, you would want TOTAL Ban on guns.

  13. you my friend is the exact reason we need to monitor who is buying excess limits of Ammo. What the hell do you need 5000 rds for?? Are you that bad a shot?? It’s apprent you must like to kill thing with that much AMMO on hand.
    Restrict the sale of black powder/reload equipment/etc and your stop fools like you from stock piling AMMO. You must really be insecure with yourself that you need excess ammo and weapons!!!

  14. Unless you had a holster of some sort, you would have to remember that you had a gun, where it was, go to it, undo any child locks or other safety equipment ,get the lunatic in your field of action before he gets you in his, and then get off your shot. In the meantime most of the deaths would have happened. Then you had the guy in the movie theater with body armor that would nullify all but the most powerful hand guns.

    And the possible positive result in Newtown of your gun would have to be balanced against the negative outcomes from your temper or a thief’s mayhem.

    We all are sad. One usually expect the child that you put on a school bus will come home in a school bus.

    This tragedy just has to be accepted as part of life like the 3/11/11 tsunami in Japan that washed to sea 19,000 people including many children.

  15. I’m afraid you over complicate it.

    The drafters of the Constitution recognized the right of people to own guns. The right as given by their creator:

    “. . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Why do they say that the right shall not be infringed?

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”

    What is the militia?

    It is us. The people.

    Read Federalist 29.

    The people, you and me, have a DUTY to be armed and prepared to come to the aid of themselves, their family, their neighbors, their community, and their state.

    Kennesaw, GA, has even codified it!

    Gun control leaves the people ill prepared to deal with trouble. Gun control doesn’t make trouble go away. It leaves us naked in the face of trouble. And causers of trouble know it.

  16. When one of these horrors happen the first response from the gun control crowd is to seek to place restrictions on everyone who had nothing to do with the incident.
    Track and control bullet purchases: What does that do? Like most shooting hobbyists, I buy ammunition in large quantities. It’s cheaper. I also reload. So what do you plan to control and track: bullets, primers, cartridges and powder? How dangerous does the fact that I recently purchased 5000 rounds of .22 lr target ammo and 10,000 assorted primers make me?
    Close gun shows? What does that accomplish? The last time I purchased a firearm from a dealer at a gun show I had to provide two sources of identification, complete the Federal and Virginia forms and wait a couple of hours while the checks were called in and approved. The last time I bought a firearm from a gun shop I went through the same drill.
    Close the infamous “gun show loophole?” In Virginia, firearm sales between individuals are not regulated. There are some individual sales at gun shows (the loophole). My observation is that there are not many sales and the predominate weapons sold are hunting or collectables. I’ve purchased from private individuals and not at gun shows, so what does this ban accomplish? Criminals don’t bother with all the legal niceties, that’s why they are called criminals.
    I’ve used firearms for over 50 years. I have yet to see one fire without some human action. That includes everything from BB guns to 204 mm self propelled howitzers.

  17. If some of the teachers had guns, they could have stopped this madman. But government prohibits them from having guns. This is what you get. Plus cries for government to even further limit the ownership of guns. Absolutely irrational.

  18. Gun control has been studied to death for decades. Please don’t set up a commission for this Newtown case. Let’s find out what happened. The shooter’s name was wrong for a while. The guy really had it in for the children. Only one wounded with all the deaths.

    Events like this are impossible to prevent absolutely. It is so very sad, but 19,000 people, including many children were swept away by the 3/11/11 tsunami in Japan. Tragedy is part of life.

  19. Hey Genius. This was his mother’s gun. Stolen from her, blasted her brains out, and then took it to an elementary school. No gun regulation on this planet save an outright mass ban would have stopped this, and then he would have simply brought a chainsaw.

  20. Interesting Historical Perspective

    The most deadly school violence in American History was in 1927, the school board treasurer set up bombs at the Bath Consolidated school, killed 38 and injured 58. At least one of the bomb caches failed to detonate, so it was supposed to be much worse.

    Also, interesting world perspective, a knife attack on an elementary school. This would have had the attention this week if we hadn’t had our own tragedy.

  21. It is fincreasingly worrisome that generations of Americans don’t understand the reasons and historical importance of the Second Amendment. The founding fathers knew that an armed citizenry was not as easily subjected to tyranny and wasmore able to protect itself.

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1776, Jefferson Papers

    “The said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.” — Samuel Adams

    As Justice Felix Frankfurter had said in 1946: “We are in danger of forgetting that the Bill of Rights reflects experience with police excesses. It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. It is too easy. History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly at first, then stealthily, and brazenly in the end.”

    Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D., a Fairfax, Virginia, attorney specializing in Constitutional Law and an expert on the Second Amendment, wrote an excellent article chronicling the history of gun regulations in Germany that was published in the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law. It’s available online here:

    He also posted a synopsis of historical records of gun registration on his website here: http://www.stephenhalbrook.com/registration_article/registration.html

    It is so important for Americans to really understand the facts and significance surrounding gun regulations. It’s like the precautionary principle being used by environmental activists — it isn’t really about protecting everyone from any dangers, it’s about control.

  22. Ogden, it’s called the evil heart of man. Has bwen around since the fall, and man has been killing each other (and women and children) in large numbers before there were guns. Taking away guns is not going to change a damn thing.

  23. You have background checks at gun shows the same as gun shops.
    Seems you’ve never bought a gun at a gun show.

  24. monitor who is buying the bullets, it’s easier to control than the guns. Do away with gun shows where anyone can buy the gun. You say the gun is not to blame then what is: metal illness, stress, peer pressure, ego, too much video games, our society,….. It’s one screwed up individual that had easy access to a gun.
    Pray for the family of those kids, they could of been yours as these same types of individual’s live right next door to you in every community across the USA.

  25. No tragedy is too severe for Liberals not to exploit.

    I caught CNN on a TV at the gym last night. The interviewee was talking about pistols used by the murderer, and the anchorette asked, “Did they have the extra long magazines?” As in please, please tell me they had extra long magazines.

    This bit of speculation showed the anchorette’s cards: she was fishing for a political angle. A way to use the corpses of the children to further her agenda. There was no other reason to ask. Cold blooded exploitation of dead children.

    To my embarrassment, I cursed out load at the TV.

  26. Obama talked about banning assault weapons when it was hand guns that did the killing in Connecticut.

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