Belgian socialists propose to kill Alzheimer's sufferers, minors

They call it euthanasia — but the Nazis did it, too, starting on Sep. 1, 1939.

“The proposed changes to the law were submitted to parliament Tuesday by the Socialist party and are likely to be approved by other parties, although no date has yet been put forward for a parliamentary debate.” [AFP]

You can read about the Nazi euthansia program here — coincidently (or not) it also started with the mentally ill and children.

7 thoughts on “Belgian socialists propose to kill Alzheimer's sufferers, minors”

  1. The logic is backwards in the post. Nazis were bad because they did bad things. The post claims the converse: Acts are bad because Nazis did them.

    The terms “straw man” and “scoff” don’t apply to my pointing out a logical no-no.

  2. With socialism, lives that are viewed as not productive or costly to the public good are known as “useless eaters.” Since the legalization of euthanasia in Netherlands, rates increased 73% in the past 8 years (to 3136 in 2010) and increased 35% in the last two years of available data. In March of this year, Netherlands began its mobile euthanasia services, anticipating these mobile units will euthanize 1000 people per year, including those with depression (mental pain), disabilities, dementia, loneliness, and whose requests for euthanasia were declined by their doctor.
    See Wesley Smiths’ column:

  3. Then the obvious solution if you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is to become a murderer. I think I am emmigrating to Europe. Let the insanity continue.

  4. Cute straw man argument…

    Scoff all you want, but centralized health care and voluntary euthanasia are an ominous combination.

  5. Mass murder won’t get you executed, but getting sick will.

    Article 14bis, Belgian Constitution:

    Capital punishment is abolished.

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