Sen. Whitehouse: Deniers tolerated too long

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is going to need an awfully large concentration camp for all of us.


“There is a new normal of new extremes and we have to be prepared for it,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said. “And the reason we have this new normal of new extremes is because global climate change is happening and is real. And we’ve tolerated the deniers for far too long in this body.” [Politico]

8 thoughts on “Sen. Whitehouse: Deniers tolerated too long”

  1. I love the straw man argument they shifted to a couple years back. No educated person denies that the climate changes. duh. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of years of evidence in the ice cores and millions of years of evidence in the geologic record.

    So who then Whitehouse is it that denies that climate changes? In addition could he please give evidence of what “new extremes” he’s blathering on about?

  2. What incredible courage by Senators Boxer and Whitehouse speaking to the room after Senators Inhofe and Vitter were either not present or had left the room. I’m sure they applauded themselves by opting to become intolerant!!!

  3. This fool knows nothing of science,6000year cycle of the sun,little ice age next,nature has its ways ,heat,cold,hecis fooled by big bankers scientists,hey everybody has upped their spin,to make salaries,look at what attorneys have done for the last hundred years,too many air breathing creatures???hey Dr.Oppenheimer how hot is hell?????

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