9 thoughts on “Mama Mia: Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, Italian court rules”

  1. in late braking news an Italian court has just declared dihydrogenOxide a dangerous pollutant and has banned its use and has ordered all commercial sales stopped.

  2. The Italian courts also issued criminal complaints against seismologists who recently failed to predict earthquakes. They got a serious legal malfunction going on.

  3. They have, they’re legal, and they have no effect. If you can tell otherwise, you are up for a million dollar paranormal prize offered by the James Randi Educational foundation.

    That’s right, the idea is so far fetched that it is considered on the same level as ghosts, psychics, and dowsers.

  4. When is anyone going to test the Smart Meters that have been illegally attached to our house electrical systems?

  5. I thought courts would know the meaning of post hoc ergo propter hoc. In this case, the term originated locally, but I guess it was a long time ago so they forgot.

  6. My wife had a brain tumor that had to be removed surgically in 2005. That was *before* she ever owned a cell phone. Now she uses one daily. I don’t know whether the tumor developed precognitively, but I paraphrased T.S. Garp: “Honey, the chances of another tumor hitting your head are astronomical. You’ve been pre-disastered. You’re going to be safe.”

  7. ‘Legal truth’ is,like ‘political correctness,’ just a euphemism.
    It means ‘not *completely* true,’ or in other words ‘wrong.’

  8. Um, haven’t they seen all the studies that show there is no such link? I hope there is an appeal process in Italy, because this case cries out for one.

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