Flashback: Head of EPA Bars Nazi Data In Study on Gas

“The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, alerted by a letter of protest from agency scientists, has barred from an E.P.A. report on a toxic gas any data that the Nazis acquired in experiments on concentration camp prisoners.” [New York Times, March 23, 1988]

2 thoughts on “Flashback: Head of EPA Bars Nazi Data In Study on Gas”

  1. In their own minds all totalitarians believe that what they are doing is the best for everybody. They are totally convinced that they know what is best for everyone else, and that everyone else agrees with them – or would if the dissenters could just be made to understand – or are just plain evil. A total disregard of the rights of others seems to be a key element of the Utopian Elitists’ modus operandi.

  2. An amazing contrast!!! Lee M. Thomas, in the Reagan administration, instantly stopped all usage of NAZI Live Human Testing results, on the day he found out about their usage. Even calling them “experiments” soils the language into utter corruption.

    Now we have Lisa Jackson, under the Obama administration, conducting “experiments” that subject human beings to DEADLY (her description!) exposure of micro-particulates, and watching if they die.

    Himmler und Gobbels would be proud.

    I’m not!!!

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