Upton: Solyndra and Keystone pipeline present stark choice for U.S.

“An imposing wall prominently divides the visions of President Obama and congressional Republicans when it comes to economic growth and creating jobs. Solyndra is on one side and the Keystone pipeline is on the other.” [Rep. Fred Upton in the Washington Times]

5 thoughts on “Upton: Solyndra and Keystone pipeline present stark choice for U.S.”

  1. Foolishly? AT&T was doing some very bad things. Yes, they were doing some good things, too. Long distance calls today cost less than 1/10 of what they used to cost. Many phone plans even cover their cost entirely.

    A-dollar-a-minute phone calls was bad. Conspiracy to destroy MCI was bad.

  2. Lots of basic research is boondoggle, think of the childish space station. The transistor came from Bell labs, before Judge Green foolishly broke up AT&T’s monopoly. We got cheaper telephones at first that quickly broke.

  3. Jim Demint.

    “The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Democrat-controlled Senate defeated Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) budget amendment to eliminate every federal subsidy and tax credit to all energy companies, whether they produce fossil fuels, renewables, batteries, or nuclear power. By voting with all Democrat senators (yes, every single one) to defeat DeMint’s amendment, 19 Republicans showed that the GOP is not yet a free-market party.”

  4. Solyndra is on one side and the Keystone pipeline is on the other…

    Yep. Obysmal believes in magic and we believe in what works. Obysmal’s projects are merely money laundering efforts for his reelection. The conservatives “launder” taxpayer money by getting the heck out of the road so that viable enterprises can grow, while putting some money into basic research from whence little acorns of ideas bloom into mighty oaks of products and spin-offs thus driving the economy in an upward direction which the voters reward with reelection – or at least they used to.

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