4 thoughts on “Texas Tornadoes: Climate Change — and Climate Deniers — in the Lone Star State”

  1. Wow… “…freak tornadoes struck the Dallas area today with unexpected ferocity…”

    Nothing freaky about a couple of tornadic supercells at the southern end of Tornado Alley.

    In April.

    It doesn’t look like these will be anything more than F3s.

    Had these storms been 100 miles east, west, or north and not over the populated Metroplex, they’d have not garnered any significant national media attention.

  2. Single events do not disprove global warming but they can prove it. At least according to the AWG faithful. Heads I win, tails you lose.

  3. I’m not going to give the Huffigton Post a click. No way.

    Who are the “climate deniers”? I don’t know anyone who claims that the climate is static.

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