Sackett v. EPA: The real rest of the story

“Last Thursday, E&E reporter Lawrence Hurley published this story on PLF’s landmark victory in Sackett v. EPA. The story is titled “Justice was blind to some facts in Idaho wetlands case,” and the impression one gets from reading it is that Mike and Chantell Sackett should not be viewed as sympathetically as common sense would suggest…”

Read the full post from the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Brandon Middleton.

One thought on “Sackett v. EPA: The real rest of the story”

  1. You know, I can take spin, I understand spin, I can respond to spin. It can even be enlightening to see other people’s take on matters.

    I don’t like being lied to. Once the well is poisoned, trust can never be regained, and the debate is forever tainted.

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