Watts: Forensic analysis of ‘Deniergate’ memo concludes Gleick likely forger

“Dr. Juola has published his analysis of the “Climate Strategy Memo,” which I present first and in entirety here at WUWT.”

Anthony Watts writes at WUWT:

…Having examined these documents and their results, I therefore consider it more likely than not that Gleick is in fact the author/compiler of the document entitled ”Confidential Memo: 2012 Heartland Climate Strategy,” and further that the document does not represent a genuine strategy memo from the Heartland Institute….

One thought on “Watts: Forensic analysis of ‘Deniergate’ memo concludes Gleick likely forger”

  1. I suppose this is an expected result. One probably can conclude a thief most likely is a lier. Dr. Peter Gleick simply does not have the moral fiber to tell the truth when he has been caught stealing. I would hold my hand on top of my billfold when around people like him.

    I’m FOIA

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