3 thoughts on “Video Ad: Iowa nuke plant = Fukushima”

  1. I lived with-in 6 miles of PVNGS (Palo Verde) since it’s construction until two years ago. I heard so much crap from the anti nuke idiots the entire time. People were even told that it would cause their food to be contaminated with radiation if the electricity used to cook it was from the plant. The only issue we had in the area was salt contamination from the cooling towers and that only effected fields and ground water right next to it. Oh, and after 35 years of living next to a nuclear plant I no longer have to purchase flashlights. You don’t need them when you glow in the dark 😉

  2. As an Iowan, I see that I need to sound the alarm on Des Moines’ lack of earthquake and tsunami preparation and warning. As far as I know there aren’t any procedures in place for evacuation and I can’t remember the last time they tested the tsunami alert sirens. A deadly tsunami could strike from Saylorville Lake at any moment and I’d never see it coming.

  3. Yes, we all know that Iowa is so under threat form earthquake and tsunami. Every other day there are reports of Des Moines’ destruction and inundation! Great job of this video to remind us that a Nuclear Reactor in Iowa is under the same threat as one in Japan! Wow, I’d forgotten about the last Nuclear Disaster in a US Nuclear Power Plant….

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