Court Likely To Rule On Cuccinelli’s Quest For Climate Change Researcher’s Records

Stay tuned.

The Associated Press reports:

The Virginia Supreme Court is expected to rule on the attorney general’s demand for documents related to the work of a former University of Virginia climate-change researcher.

The court heard arguments in January on Kenneth Cuccinelli’s so-called “civil investigative demand” for copies of Michael Mann’s emails. Cuccinelli, a global warming skeptic, says he’s investigating whether Mann defrauded taxpayers by using manipulated data to obtain government grants. Other investigations, including one by the National Science Foundation, have found no wrongdoing by Mann.

Cuccinelli is appealing a judge’s ruling that he failed to adequately state what Mann, who now works at Penn State, might have done wrong. A ruling is expected Friday.

University officials and professors have argued that Cuccinelli’s actions could have a chilling effect on academic freedom and research.

3 thoughts on “Court Likely To Rule On Cuccinelli’s Quest For Climate Change Researcher’s Records”

  1. I think this quote from the article linked is central to this whole thing.

    “From the beginning, we have said that we were simply trying to review documents that are unquestionably state property to determine whether or not fraud had been committed,” Cuccinelli’s office said in an e-mailed response. “Today, the court effectively held that state agencies do not have to provide state-owned property to state investigators looking into potential fraud involving government funds.”

    As for the impression that Mann is being persecuted “by a fanatic”, that is a media twist. This whole thing needs to be aired out in a court room. Why? Here are ten points as to why I think this needs to be pursued.

    1. Taxpayer money has gone into promoting all sort of greenie research that amounted to conclusions in search of data. The endocrine disruption studies are a perfect example, but the amount of money spent on studies to promote global warming has been obscene. Finding out how much of this has gone on is paramount to prevent more of the same.
    2. Are we to assume that some sort of civil charges wouldn’t have been brought against Mann if he had contracted to do research for a private company and then presented material that later proved to be fraudulent? Would that have been persecution?
    3. If then the charges proved that fraud had been committed; wouldn’t criminal charges have followed? Would that have been persecution?
    4. I don’t understand why this is considered persecution. Persecution is a term used to describe innocent individuals that have been viciously attacked by someone in authority. Mann has been asked merely to turn over material that is the state’s property for examination. This is his opportunity to clear himself and his supporters. Isn’t it? How is that persecution?
    5. It is critical to make sure the truth is known about all aspects of this case. From the beginning the ‘scientists’ promoting AGW refused to release information for an open peer review system and attacked those who disagreed with them in the most unpleasant way possible through the media. Those who did the peer review were part and parcel of what was being promoted.
    6. As for the ‘investigations’ conducted by the universities regarding Mann and his cohorts; any serious person would have to assume the potential for a whitewash was clear and obvious.
    7. That means an independent government authority needs to examine where the truth actually lies, especially since it was government money involved.
    8. If he turned it over what they are requesting and there was nothing to hide wouldn’t this go away? So, how can this be construed as persecution?
    9. If he and the University of Virginia are refusing can we assume there is something to hide? If that is the case can we assume this could impact both the university and Mann financially or criminally?
    10. Finally. Isn’t a prosecutor supposed to go after those whom he believes have committed crimes? That makes it “prosecution” not “persecution”.

  2. Cuccinelli is making Dr. Mann look like a guy being persecuted by a fanatic. Forget Dr. Mann; His hockey stick has been shown, to my satisfaction, to be nonsense. There is no need to attack the man.

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