Secondhand PTSD?: 9-11 mental health workers suffer trauma

“Secondary exposure to the trauma histories of others.”

From the media release:

We’ve all heard about the stress experienced by victims of 9/11, but have we ever paused to think about the effect of those terrorist attacks on mental health clinicians who provided care to the victims? A new study by Mary Pulido, Ph.D., from the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in the US, provides a sobering account of what it was like for these professionals and reports on the lack of support they received. Her exploratory study, published in Springer’s Clinical Social Work Journal, highlights the critical need to develop training and expand support systems for clinicians in order to combat secondary traumatic stress.

People may suffer symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder through secondary exposure to the trauma histories of others. Disaster mental health workers may be at particularly high risk of this co-called secondary traumatic stress. Not only are they exposed to the stressors and psychic pains experienced by their clients, they carry the professional burden of being expected to remain open and available to their clients on an emotional level. In the case of 9/11, these clinicians were also exposed to the same disaster as those they were helping…

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  1. I had a response penned, but then I thought better.

    Speak, so the world will know you mad

  2. I agree with you on this. Not enough time is spent on specifically “De-briefing/De-stressing” soldiers, and yes, they come from ducking at every sound to worrying how they’ll employ themselves after their tour,–all within mere hours.

  3. SOME military would DO ANYTHING, IF… approached, correctly, or if programmed in a “Manchurian-candidate” fashion( where it’s NOT JUST “hypnosis” OR “drugs”, but the COMBINATION that can elicit the desired behavior). There were “socio-pathic” soldiers in Cambodian areas who were “disappeared”in remote pick-up areas by lesser-briefed Marines that were TOLD those they were hitting/sniping were like the “Kurtz” character that the Assassin was after in the movie, “Apocalypse Now.” Later, some of the “Marine snipers” were hit/suicided/suffered “accidents”. Do you believe all these “suicides” of veterans are legit? I don’t, someone’s doing a “clean-up,” imo. The Globalists know that cells of paramilitary used by various agencies for illegal “wet-work”, can be “turned-on”…and “turned-off,” which is WHY, for the protection of the intelligence worker, the Mossad configuration of an agency is VASTLY superior to the compartmentalized CIA models. When the Globalists at the FED and elsewhere, Hit JFK, they easily could have earlier produced a heart-attack, without involving “patsies” like Oswald & Ruby, and several sniper-teams, but they DID SO to PUBLICLY “discourage” a President from EVER trying to print money away from their purvue, billing, and Power (Nobama is SAFE, as he is a Globalist to begin with, and if you notice, the FED is left alone to do exactly want it wants). NIST did NOT analyze FOR explosives, although several independent groups HAVE, and have FOUND “nano-particled, Alumino-thermic residues in 911 debris. The”signature” of these combustibles can be accelerated by using nano-particles, so the REACTION has a dramatic, explosive force that is many, many times the reactions of the individual materials, and leaves nano-sized iron droplets that are spherical in shape, and those are present, and IMPOSSIBLE to obtain…from NON-NANO-thermatic releases, like building skins and jet debris. The Towers were brought down, dozens LIED, and hundreds COVER for this crime. Under testimony, the building owner of #7 SAID, #7 WAS PULLED(demolished with…Nano-alumini-thermics?, I presume, but BLOWN-DOWN)–go talk to the owner! If nothing else, at LEAST we have testimony of the owner of #7, on what “collapsed” #7! I don’t CARE if those(twin towers) would later have been pulled, we need to put a STOP to doing ex-tra-legal murder, then killing the killers, so we can’t get a handle on this in the Future. Ben, you Need “some g-d-danged sense”, as do we all.

  4. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of a psychologist letting a patient get to them. This would be especially hard with large groups having the same problem. It would be complimented by an inability to share this information, while soldiers are able to talk freely with each other (this is why there was so much more trauma after Vietnam than WWII. In the 40s, you spent weeks coming home, talking to your squad and shipmates, and coming to terms with the war and your actions. In Vietnam, you could go from the jungle to home in a matter of days).

    This would be interesting to study. At first glance, I’d say it’s far from junk science.

  5. Jek,
    Thermite is a mix of burnt aluminum and steel, exactly what you’d expect to find in an office building on fire.

    The failure of the buildings was clearly on the floors that were hit. Not even a military pilot could clearly target a single floor reliably in a straight dive (it is difficult to even count floors from the ground, much less going a thousand miles an hour straight down).

    Do you know how much time and how public an effort is it to move large quantities of gold? It could not possibly be done quietly. It would require dozens of people and/or heavy equiment. Even if it could, then it is far cheaper and easier to bribe security guards than to orchestrate mass murder. Are we to think that these people who murdered thousands in a conspiracy of at least hundreds are flaming idiots? Over a dozen of these people were willing to die to crash those planes. You don’t get people to do that for mere money.

    The Analysis of the towers showed that there was a design flaw in the fireproofing that exposed the support beams. If they had better fireproofing, then the fire would have burnt out and the towers would probably have had to been demolished anyway.

    For comparison, see the strike on the Pentagon, which actually is a reinforced concrete/steel/kevlar/bulletproof-glass building. There was a single hole with minor damage from the wing impact. While the interior had a good line of destruction, it was much more liited.

    I’m not going to comment on the statement that our military personnel would be willing to execute a strike on civilian personnel.

    Long story Jek, use some god-dang sense.

  6. Apparently PTSD has already claimed a famous victim, Major Hassan, who is still undergoing evaluations after shooting multiple soldiers in Texas. A side effect of his delirium was to shout Allahu Akbar! whilst pulling the trigger. Amazingly, sergeants serving overseas are not affected, and are in their right minds when they shoot civilians.

  7. When I was in college I knew a number of Psychology majors. The vast majority were studying the subject with the objective of getting a handle on their own problems, and a few frankly admitted as much.
    Crediting them “to be stable enough to help people in a troubled state to improve” is perhaps overly generous.

  8. WTF!…I thought mental health workers were supposed to be stable enough to help people in a troubled state to improve! This idiotic premise of secondhand PTSD only confirms what most of us thought…many
    people that become psych majors are already in need of some confirmation that they, themselves, are not already “basket cases”, and that their “study”
    will help them get “better”. I suspect everyone who supports this “second hand PTSD” crap, talks to their therapist about it. How sad. Tell you what,
    drop me a line and I will devote a few minutes of my time to meet you at a
    pub/bar of your choice over a beer/martini/green tea/doubledoube soy latte
    and counsel you on normalcy…It’s free..and I promise I will not feed you a load of abnormal BS.

  9. Get a grip people. PTSD is the next big welfare scam. If you tell everyone who was anywhere near a war zone or calamity that they can get free money for claiming PTSD they will jump at it. As a two-tour combat vet I have met a bunch of these scam artists.

  10. Are you considering that mental health clinicians seldom THINK of the Planned-Perfidy implicit in the FACTS of 911,–among them: the buildings were demolished by thermite and other charges,–the planes hitting the towers being only “window dressing” as horrific as it was, plus the North & South towers’ demolition was COVER for the looting of gold bullion,–tons of it–from the vaults of building #7, after which, it was “pulled.” 911 should be “proof” to all of us, just how callous and predatory the Globalists can be,–fueled as they are, by Apparacheks like Nobama is…–to the Russians, who Nobama must feel he’s in INCREDIBLE DEBT to, to BEG Medeved to tell “Putin I NEED more time…(–FOR WHAT?! –More time to bring us to our knees, economically?). The Communists are STILL dedicated to conquering the World for Soviet-style, Commu-fascism. Gleaning, over and over again, that the Bashes (imo) and other Global-elites would kill over 3,000 people for GOLD, and later, WAR, and knowing there will be NO retrobution,–No Nuremburg…, should, “sicken” any health professional…or anyone else. Also consider the stress from knowing that some witnesses of 911 Perfidy, under treatment by mental health pros were NOT suicidal, and yet were “suicided,” because Valium doesn’t necessarily shut one’s mouth in a maintenence dose. Remember, a jet has NEVER BEFORE brought-down a reinforced-concrete & steel building, and then, there WERE other charges that were set-off, plus all the steel was quickly collected to hide the proof of Thermite shearings of the main supporting structures.

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