Romney: Outlaw regulatory agencies, like EPA, to be reined in

In a Feb. 27 letter, the West Virginia Coal Association asked Mitt Romney:

The US EPA as well as the Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining (OSM) has instituted and pursued policies, without following established and required administrative rulemaking procedures, which directly affect the permitting of mining operations and are violating the principals of state primacy rights. What is your policy for such bureaucratic arrogance?

Romney responded:

One of the great failings of the Obama Administration has been its plain disregard for the rule of law. From its takeover of the auto industry to its NLRB lawsuit against Boeing to its attempt to impose cap-and-trade against the will of Congress, the Administration too often treats our Constitution and our laws as inconveniences standing in the way of their agenda. As president, I will make strict adherence to the rule of law a top priority for my Administration. We will respect the rights of all citizens, and create the certainty and level playing field that businesses and workers need to get our economy going again.

The WVCA asked:

Would you prohibit or prevent your agencies and staff from issuing such regulatory, permitting and controlling policies that circumvent established rule making procedures?

Romney responded:

Yes. As noted above, I believe that respect for the rule of law is a bedrock principle of our society and also crucial to economic growth.

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