Romney: Both Right & Left Say He’ll Flip Back to the Green Side

“There are yet other indicators that Romney could (and very likely would) flip back to the green side, if he should wrest the White House from Obama.”

William Jasper writes in the New American:

… Romney’s top economic advisers are R. Glenn Hubbard and Gregory Mankiw. Hubbard supports a carbon cap-and-trade regime favored not only by Al Gore but by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street insiders that stand to make billions of dollars off such a regime. Mankiw is an ardent Keynesian and defender of Ben Bernanke, the Fed and “quantitative easing”; he also favors a carbon tax. Another top adviser is former Republican Congressman Vin Weber, another cap-and-trade advocate. Hubbard and Weber are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has been one of the most important political power centers promoting the global warming mania and the draconian global political “solutions” that we are told we must accept to avoid dire planetary catastrophes.

As The New American has previously reported (Romney’s Advisors Are Leftist Elites), Romney has brought a very large contingent of globalists from the CFR roster onto his board of advisors, including Michael Hayden, Paula Dobriansky, Christopher Burnham, Eliot Cohen, Kim Holmes, Mitchell Reiss, Dov Zakheim, Kerry Healey, John Lehman, and Robert Kagan.

Conservative Republicans who vote for Romney will have no excuse for claiming betrayal after the inauguration when Mitt reverts to form; they’ve been amply warned.

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  1. I’m not a Republican, but I have every intention of voting for whoever scraps it out and then holding their feet to the fire. This is good to know, but not surprising. Could be worse. Could be McCain.

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