'Rebranding' global warming is political hot potato

“But is it really true that environmental groups are focusing on asthma and other health issues rather than talking about climate change?”

Mother Nature Network reports:

An article published on Politico.com on Wednesday accuses environmental groups of pulling a “bait and switch” by rebranding climate change and talking about “other topics, like gas prices and kids choking on pollutants” in a move to help get climate-friendly candidates elected.

Politico made its case by pointing to a large television advertising buy from the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council that featured children with asthma inhalers struggling to breathe. And, in fact, that is a strategy on their part: “We’re going to talk a lot about the health implications of dirty air,” Heather Taylor, director of the NRDC Action Fund, told Politico…

One thought on “'Rebranding' global warming is political hot potato”

  1. Any long term asthma sufferer will tell you that winter is usually far more deadly than the summer and allergies don’t start and stop with pollen. Pollution can be a problem but eventually even dumb panicky mothers will come to realise that CO2 isn’t pollution, especially if they have to start WALKING their wheezy kids to school.

    They can rebrand AGW all they like but the public won’t be buying.

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