Oil sands pollution comparable to ‘large power plant’, NASA data shows

Oh Jim Hansen, the Financial Post is looking for you.

Yadullah Hussein reports for the Financial Post:

It may not be “game over” for the environment.

Dr. James E. Hansen, climate scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who famously said that the development of the Keystone XL pipeline — which proposes to transport Alberta oil sands to the U.S. — will be “game over” for the environment, may want to review his own institute’s latest data.

New NASA data on its website shows that the emission of pollutants from oil sands mining in Alberta province are “comparable to the emissions from a large power plant or a moderately sized city”…

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One thought on “Oil sands pollution comparable to ‘large power plant’, NASA data shows”

  1. The crude that Alberta ships south to the US is clean, partially refined crude oil with HVB added as required.
    That means little or no cast off when it is re refined in the US. Typical of a superior product the US refineries claim carbon footprint reductions attributing it to advanced engineering technique.

    The tar sands are a very good deal for the US and Canada on a great many levels!

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