Nature: Africans 'need to be convinced' to give up chemical fertilizers

More eco-imperialism.

In a March 29 commentary entitled, “Food for thought: In the short term, chemical fertilizers are the best way to feed Africa,” Nature opines:

Chemical fertilizers get a bad press, with some justification. Their use can pollute water supplies and generate significant greenhouse-gas emissions. But they are an excellent way to boost crop yields: they help to grow food. And in sub-Saharan Africa that means they can help to fill empty bellies and save lives…

Ultimately, the move towards a more sustainable form of agriculture will require investment to help farmers in Africa take advantage of alternatives to chemical fertilizers, although they will need to be convinced of the benefits of these new approaches.

The key to success is for farmers to choose the practices that will work best for them — past development efforts have shown that without buy-in from local communities, initiatives simply don’t work. For now, that has to mean improved access to fertilizers, because the choice between food and famine is an easy one.

3 thoughts on “Nature: Africans 'need to be convinced' to give up chemical fertilizers”

  1. Good Luck with getting Africa to change. Thats all I can say. Living in South Africa the average person has no regard for Human life. The world now wants them to care for the environment!

  2. I disagree with this seeming salvation to chemical fertilizers. Monsanto is the Global giant who loves to muscle-flex in their propaganda department, and also their terrorists who have been as dirty as they get in destroying farmers’ land.–So, they become Monsanto’s slaves to Roundup.

  3. One of the major reasons why we continue to feed an ever expanding population is down to the use of chemical fertilizers – God help the Africans if these idiot advisors get listened to!
    PS Interesting to note that with all the alleged harm these chemicals do to our foodstuffs that the age of the population is rapidly escalating with record numbers of 100 year + citizens now in the UK – they must be eating OK according to the results!

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