Lobbying with the Enemy

Would you ever co-sign a letter with Greenpeace and other radical green groups?

We were disappointed today to learn that Americans for Prosperity, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Freedom Action and the Heartland Institute co-signed with the likes of Earthworks, the anti-fracking Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace a letter to Senators opposing the NAT GAS Act being voted on in the Senate today.

We oppose the NAT GAS Act, too, but it would never occur to us to team with groups who are not only essentially mortal enemies, but groups that would destroy the American ideal in the name of building a One World totalitarian paradise.

Call us primitive and/or extreme, but if we found ourselves on the same side of an issue as radical greens, we would re-check our position, and if still convinced of its soundness, we would send our own letter.

If subsidizing natural gas as per the NAT GAS Act is wrong, then Greenpeace’s concurrence doesn’t make it more wrong.

While under some circumstances it makes sense to team up with an enemy to defeat a greater enemy (e.g., our alliance with the Soviets in World War II), we would rather subsidize the natural gas industry than subsidize the credibility of existential opponents, including the law-breaking Greenpeace.

Keep in mind that Greenpeace condemns the libertarian groups on its web site, saying said that CEI is at the center of the global warming misinformation campaign” and that both “AFP and the Heartland Institute are “Koch Industries Climate Denial Front Groups.” It considers, C. Boyden Gray, CEI friend and former White House Counsel, to be a “serial killer.”

Just last month amid “Deniergate,” Greenpeace called for Heartland Institute payments to government employees to be investigated.

Wake up libertarians — “the end justifies the means” is the other side’s schtick.

6 thoughts on “Lobbying with the Enemy”

  1. “All animals are created equal …… but some animals are more equal than others.”
    Animal Farm

  2. I get it. They should have objected on their own, for their own reasons but natural gas will replace the fossil fuel version by the Capitalist free market, free enterprise processes of competition and the forces of supply and demand with no help from an already fiscally beleaguered taxpayer. That’s if America can overcome its romance with those “lovable, kind, courageous, saviors of the planet” known affectionately as the “Greens” and in the unlikely event that their favorite front group, the EPA is liquidated. What’s the likelihood given Obamanomics?

  3. Damn. Politics seems to turn even good people into mealy-mouthed shifty weasels.

  4. You really nailed this one on the head Steve. Couldn’t agree more. My father told me once that we are judged by the company we keep. Quite so.

  5. ‘One World totalitarian paradise’. Paradise will be only for the ruling class provided by an elite predetermined quantity of humans managed like livestock.

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