Less shale gas in Poland than previously estimated?

Is the Obama administration sowing doubt?

Polskie Radio reports:

Poland’s Chief National Geologist has revealed that the extent of Polish shale gas deposits may not be as bountiful as previously imagined.

“The initial, optimistic estimates regarding shale gas in Poland will be significantly reduced in a new report on this subject,” Piotr Wozniak told journalists as a press conference in Washington.
Wozniak has been conducting talks in America with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…

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One thought on “Less shale gas in Poland than previously estimated?”

  1. Serious spin here… XOM is going to regret their purchase of XTO



    Hydrocarbon energy from low permeability shales is not some kind of revolution….it is a desperate ploy, a proverbial scraping of the bottom of the barrel….

    Little known fact about US shale NG production, the annual decline rate (net of new drilling) of existing NG wellls is equivalent to the production from the state of Texas…. in other words, a new Texas has to be found every year to keep production flat…. It is literally Drill or Die….

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