Laframboise: The Authoritarian Impulse and Climate Change

“In the opinion of the activist organization known as Avaaz, access to the airwaves should only be open to those who’ve passed a ‘fit and proper person’ test.”

Donna Laframboise writes at Mens News Daily:

…If Suzuki can’t think of a way to save the world that doesn’t involve trampling on other people’s liberty that tells me everything I need to know about the world we’d all be left with. Unfortunately, he isn’t alone. Authoritarianism is alive and well in the green movement. Rather than lurking on the fringes, it’s center stage…

10 thoughts on “Laframboise: The Authoritarian Impulse and Climate Change”

  1. Verging on “Totalitarianism”. See the piece by Laframboise for punishment of dissent.

  2. “Authoritarian” is the essence of “Progressivism”: Elected politicians and unelected rule-making agencies directed by politicians. The latter engages in “Diktat”.
    Google “progressivism OR progress OR progressive” on the site of the Democratic Socialists of America (, an affiliate of the Socialist International. You get about 490 hits.

  3. Yes, the USA, too often follows the Globalists in “OUR” foreign Policy. Maybe Paul can get us to stop that, although I don’t know how. Taxes are USA enemies. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend, sort of. Even compromised by Red China, its fastest-growing religion is Christianity, so although Christianity is NOT a “threat” to any government, I don’t know if a more moral face will emerge in China, enough to prevent death-camps & Liquidations, here. I see the cheif “problem” with the FEMA-camps is that the rail transport TO the camps are sealed, so if they were inclined to kill the Red & Blue groups, we’d suffocate, ON THE WAY–they wouldn’t need gas. There are way too MANY FEMA-camps to only hold the Mexicans of their Northern states, plus no vendors are quested to supply Spanish-speaking guards, so I fear those are for you & me & our children, if we’re not deemed yellow, re-educatible. Though Not good, long term, sometimes a lessor evil must be supported to avoid a greater evil. While a tax on an air flight might might seem insignificant, on this acorn, an Oak could grow. The USA has already given the Eurozone tens of Billions, maybe more, so if an air flight tax is deemed “successful”, there WILL be more, to where I fear we might have to file tax forms for a third entity after Federal & State–the EU or the U.N.

  4. I’ll also add that China is likely no less globalist than the EU, which is no less globalist than the USSR was. If the EU likely had their way, the world would be under EU leadership (i.e., the global govt you speak of). That said, China probably wants the same thing. China had to dig out from a big hole that they put themselves into during the mid-20th century, so they’re just getting going. As with other authoritarian regimes before them (i.e., USSR), China may want a global empire, but they’re doing it more intelligently than the USSR did – China is building economic might slightly before military might. The USSR did the opposite, and Reagan called their bluff and they folded. China watched this process, learned from it, and adapted.

  5. I don’t dispute the point that globalism is a major threat, likely – in the long term – more of a threat than China and other authoritarian countries. That said, I don’t give any evils any breaks. The answer is for the USA to return to what made the USA great, and for other countries (mine included) to follow.

  6. So you THINK the “problem” is Red China…and maybe also Russia? I KNOW the “problem” is the Globalists. But while we can expect nuclear war with China & Russia at some point in the future, the entity picking-up those pieces, from within the pieces, WILL be the Globalists. Cutting China, “ONE break” due to my OBSESSION with compromising the warmists on the ground in the EU (–itself, a Globalist entity), does NOT make me anxious to move to China. I consider the EU the tail. The “tail” should NOT wag the Dog(–alternately USA, CIS, Red china). I am committed to living here, only. I couldn’t abide the EU, they are morphing into Fascism, due to Globalist intent. The Chinese hold over 2 Trillions of our paper, we need to get it back, and we can sell them energy–they don’t want anything else, except coal & scrap metal. Freidmen’s a Globalist,imo, –that’s WHY he’s gone authoritarian, and I ignore him–isn’t he regular Press? The Regular Press is dying, so Freidman’s inconsequential to me, I think. The Demoncrats, the RINOS, ,Rove & the Beltway BOZOS, would all rant for more centralized power,–that’s what Globalists DO. We’re SO “in debt” we HAVE to sell energy to Red China. I WANT, on this issue,( EU taxation of airlines), and maybe future ones,–I want Red China to realize that they must NOT be “beaten-up” by the EU, no matter how much the EU thinks they need to Green this and regulate that. I see NO DIFFERENCE between the 19th century’s FORCING Opium on China, and FORCING China to be taxed, for carbon, Now,–NO DIFFERENCE! Fascism=Fascism. Have you READ Monckton? He destroys the warmists, and if they are going to try to institute Globalism HERE, through THEIR taxes( and they ARE trying to DO just that, HERE), THEY… might as well be your fantasy, imo, about “Red China”. As soon as the Eurozone DE-Socializes the better-off, THEY… will be. Right now, the Globalists are helming EU tax-attacks against the REST of the world, even though We, CIS & Red China’s in it, and that MUST STOP. If the EU was “responsible”, they wouldn’t feel they have to tax everybody else. The EU doesn’t CARE if you & I & others are taxed, because their leaders are Globalists (Bilderbergers, Tri-lateralists, CFR, Atlantic Alliance, Club of Rome, etc)and Globalists literally have “money to burn”–they MAKE it, remember? Also Globalists WANT to destabilize this country and turn this hemisphere into another EU. There are Globalists in Red China & the CIS. Speer was one of the major Globalists in Nazi-Germany, and to show how powerful the Globalists ARE, Speer spoke in Strasbourg, in August of ’44 (after the D-day landings, before the German-collapse in France), where he stated, that NO Nukes would be used in Europe, which meant if the Nazis developed their deuterium bomb, they could only have targeted the USA,–they couldn’t drop on massed soldiers or European capitols (London, Moscow, Paris, Rome). Because the German nuke scientists were delaying their bomb, it was a moot point, but I mention it to show that the Globalists OUTWEIGHED even the Nazis, who held Strasbourg and other nearby cities at the time. Speer was told by Hitler to blow-up German industry, but equivocated, ostensibly leaving the bunker to do that. But when he returned to the Bunker, weeks later, for the last few days of Hitler, he flat-out said that he did NOT destroy German Capacity, and Hitler, probably by then, a “double”, did not try to have Speer shot for disobeying an order(–probably being a double, he didn’t know the order was given). You can fear Red China and that’s smart. I’ll fear the Globalists,– the CIS and Red China, and I think that’s smarter. Why don’t you “join” me?

  7. I cannot think of a single issue to commend China over. As much as I dislike the current dominant political leaning of the USA and the EU (and the EU’s incorrect energy policies), any rationally thinking person would rather live in the USA (1st), EU (2nd), and in a logarithmically separated galactically distant third would be China. I’d rather chew off my own leg than live in China. Yes, there are big problems in the EU, but they are infinitesimally small relative to the problems in China.

    As for China softening up with our energy exports and generally increased trade relations: no chance. This was the failed rationalization for starting expanded trade with China in the 80s and 90s. I’ve clearly debunked this erroneously guided foreign policy: China has infected the west with its authoritarian desires – one only need read Tom Friedman’s articles to see this at play. Yet, we have not improved their human rights situation one bit. Yes, some Chinese live better (in rough material terms) than they did 30 years ago, but it’s still a brutal police state and China’s governance indicators show no improvement over this time.

    Energy is power, and building communist China into a global superpower by sending them our energy and buying their cheap goods is not a wise long-term strategy.

  8. Just because you’re selling energy to a police-state, does NOT mean you’ll be contaminated by the State, imo. Why wouldn’t it “work” the other way? We’ve got cheap, nearly in-exhaustible energy. You’ll get our best price, if we think the Party is liberalizing? I think Red China’s to be commended, currently, because they REFUSE to pay the EU’s tax on carbon. The EU are using this carbon-tax to fund a fascist state of the EU, in Europe, with a cast of Globalist Traitors, imo, like Merkle and Sarkozy selling out, imo, German & French citizens, respectively. We should PRAISE the Red Chinese for NOT dancing to the EU’s jig/tune,–for NOT PAYING…for the dubious “Priviledge” of “Doing-business-with” the EU. If Red China complies with this INSANE tax, won’t the EU next THINK they can demand the Red Chinese start buying OPIUM? By the way, the USA and the CIS, also OBJECT to paying the same tax they want China to pay, because the REASON GIVEN for issue-ing the tax is AGW, which Lord Monckton has ELIMINATED any rationale, supporting such fiction., in places like that New York college he gave a talk at. We should have NOTHING LESS than a trade war, if necessary, to ensure that the EU will dance to OUR tune, for we don’t need anything from the EU, but they sure expect us to BUY their Eco-nazi measures. from them. Oh wait. If we shoot-down their TAX, Nobama & Hellary will HAVE to go apologise, Kiss, kiss.

  9. This article by Laframboise is an absolute must-read in any free and democratic society. Damn frightening it is.

    Hard to believe we’ve come to this place in history. The decline of western civilization we be living through.

    Australia is becoming a lost country of nonsense. They need to go back to eating more large shrimp on the BBQ and drinking 1 L beers. Perhaps that’s what they get for selling their resource souls to China … the customer is always right, is it not?, and their main customer is a communist police state. Canada is sadly drifting quickly in the same direction.

    There appears to be a strong correlation between how classically conservative and liberty-loving various regions were (e.g., Australia, the Canadian province of Alberta, etc.) and how rapidly these regions are moving towards authoritarianism.

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