J.C. Watts: Pipeline ruling filled with politics

The White House sided with the EPA against the State Department.

Former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts writes in the Washington Times:

… The radical environmental groups are running out of excuses to keep killing smart economic projects and are grasping at straws. Take their complaint that the Keystone XL pipeline would be harmful to migratory birds. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that about 33,000 migratory birds are killed each year by wind-turbine rotors, but we don’t see groups marching to outlaw wind turbines.

Instead, the EPA – spurred on by its radical environmental allies – is pushing for more and more job-killing regulations on industries that could play a critical role in our nation’s economic recovery. Through regulatory uncertainty and demands for expensive environmental upgrades, the EPA is slowly but surely trying to drive a nail into the coffin of job creators like those in the energy sector. Three Philadelphia-area oil refineries announced last year that they’re shuttering operations, eliminating about 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, while refiners in other states are keeping an anxious eye on their own ability to continue operating.

The United States is the most prosperous nation in the world. We have an abundance of natural resources that, if we only used them, would reduce our dependence on oil from foreign governments, some of which do not have our best interests at heart. It’s a real shame to see federal officials using political science instead of real science when making decisions on projects that would create good-paying American jobs and help turn our economy around.

One thought on “J.C. Watts: Pipeline ruling filled with politics”

  1. You’d figure that, to protect votes he may Not get otherwise, Nobama will HAVE to try to shut-down every energy-sector producer for two reasons:–1.) his Eco-fascist voting base DEMAND that he shut-down the very energy that would PAY for his idiot programs, because that’s what THEY want, and, 2.) HE WANTS to SHUT-DOWN ALL Non-green energy production, BECAUSE: as a Maoist/secret Globalist, that’s what He, the Red Chinese and other Communists WANT, plus the dollar will crash SOONER if we have nothing substantial to trade for our “good-looks”, and we DO owe Trillion$ to the Red Chinese. Perhaps if we default and refuse to mine/drill all our resources (–because the EPA, by design, won’t LET us), then the Red Chinese will be able to make us GIVE THEM to Red China, so they get them for a “bargain-basement” price. This will KILL not just our Economy, and our Future, but CONGRESS, because as the dollar buys less and less, riots will appear, and Martial law will be declared, starting-up the FEMA camps and getting tens of millions of US, LIQUIDATED,–the Globalist AIM all along! (see “Georgia Tombstone” on Youtube) WE can blame: –ourselves(–for electing him), –Nobama(–for doing what Globalists do), –the EPA(given the job of shutting-down USA industry in ’08, before Nobama was even elected), and the Congress, for not impeaching Nobama over a myriad of opportunities. We, WILL, FALL(–all nations do, eventually), –it may come before the Election, but probably just-after. We MUST DRILL,DRILL,DRILL, and, MINE,MINE, MINE, to SURVIVE as a nation, period, –even as a second-rate nation. The EPA WILL KILL US ALL, if it is ALLOWED to continue as it has, and as Nobama desires. A combination of impeachment and defunding the EPA may work, but there’s no garantee–he could resussitate the EPA via Executive order, unless his fitness to govern is called into question. That’s WHY we must do BOTH. The Demoncrats,–all Socialist since 1980, couldn’t help if they had a CLUE, which they don’t. I would LOVE to be WRONG, –a “FOOL” of the Age! I PRAY that I am WRONG!

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