Green bullies upend Campbell’s Soup

“Bullying by pseudoscientific reports, media coverage and threatening lawsuits is a standard tactic of the left wing.”

Julia Seymour writes in the Washington Times:

Recently, the news came out that Campbell’s Soup Co. will “phase out” bisphenol A (BPA) in its soup cans despite the company’s faith that the packaging is perfectly safe for its consumers. So why did Campbell’s make that decision? Green activists have been bullying companies that use BPA, creating a controversy about its safety. Like any good company, Campbell’s has a desire to maintain the trust of its consumers…

4 thoughts on “Green bullies upend Campbell’s Soup”

  1. I don’t buy products from companies that do not base their food safety measures on science. So of course I don’t eat any organic food. Now, I will no longer purchase Campbell, Pepsi, or Coke products. Their standards have been compromised by idiots and can no longer be trusted brands.

  2. I wonder if Campbell’s actually thinks that kow towing to these fascists is going to make any difference. They ARE going to find something else to bully Campbell’s over – it’s what they do. So called, “Green activists” couldn’t care less whether BPA is safe or not. They found something they thought they could use to impose their will on Campbell’s over and it worked. They’ll be back. They’ll always come back. It’s not about safety. It’s about control. It’s always been about control.

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