Goddard: Hayhoe On Climate Confusion

“I’ve come up with a list of at least ten different reasons that people are confused about climate science. It’s different for each person,” says Texas Tech University climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe.”

Here are Steve Goddard’s top ten reasons for climate confusion.

4 thoughts on “Goddard: Hayhoe On Climate Confusion”

  1. You are correct! Goddard’s list was accurate, too. She can’t SEE where she’s wrong–imo, she’s no scientist. And to tie-up with her husband, as if “evangelical” meant “reasoned”/–thought-out, none of which, imo, her stuff is. I think she’s blinded by the “light”(–of Lucifer, poor girl), because the Globalists, –the ones that PAY for all of her dreck, are Satanists,–both in the tops of the Bilderbergers, and in the higher “Group of seven.”

  2. I find that most people are confused about the subject due to the false claims of “settled science” and catastrophe being propagated by the alarmist “scientists, the Dinosaur Media, and control freaks in government.

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