Ferrara: Romney’s Pending Sellout on Global Warming

“In the wake of Fakegate, conservatives should be very wary of giving him a pass on more than just Romneycare.”

Peter Ferrara writes at American Spectator:

…But those conservatives and Tea Party patriots overlooking Romney’s Romneycare apostasy to still vote for him in the primaries are setting themselves up to be gravely disappointed again on this issue. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney appointed to state office Obama science czar John Holdren, a wacky far out leftist, and Obama EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy, who is writing and implementing all of the Obama restrictions on power plants.

Among the advisors to the Romney campaign on these issues today is James Connaughton, formerly head of the Bush White House Council of Environmental Quality, and a long time ardent supporter of cap and trade. Another is Jeff Holmstead, Bush EPA Air Chief who promoted global warming hysteria, and an interstate clean air rule providing the precedent for Obama’s job and economy destroying Cross State Air Pollution Rule. Still another is Edward Krenick, another former Bush EPA supporter of cap and trade. No wonder highly active global warming skeptic James Taylor says that Romney’s people on global warming are as bad as Obama’s people…

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4 thoughts on “Ferrara: Romney’s Pending Sellout on Global Warming”

  1. For now, with the price of carbon-credits going down, AND, with China saying the REST of the World(developed-world), MUST cut their emissions FIRST,–before China, –hopefully, the “Carbon-credits”/Global-warming ‘vampires’ will be nailed to their coffins, stakes through their hearts. Of course, if Ramney is Nobama-lite, he still is incrementally better than Nobama, so please vote the Republicans, to slow Globalist-Socio-fascism. If Ramney IS a Nobama-lite, at least the Congressional races can limit the damage a RINO-administration would do to this country. It is true, that SCYTL, the Spanish-firm that will tally USA 2012 votes, up-ending USA Romney-votes for Nobama-votes, is performing very well, but these prior races are NOT as important as 2012. Of course, where do I want tallying to go? I just “suspect” it more, being an overseas firm. A foreign/not-vetted President, plus ex-Demon-crat Clinton maybe owning/influencing the vote-tallys, PLUS the software used, that has already been penetrated from the OUTSIDE, means Jesus could be administering SCYTL, but an OUTSIDE-ATTACK could STILL give us Nobama, again! I think SCYTL should have to divest to a majority of USA citizens, stock-wise. I have an IDEA (–uh-oh)! The vote tallying should be in the hands of the party OUT of the Presidency. IF that means the Presidency will change every 4 years, might that still be MUCH better than it NEVER changing, once Nobama’s “re-elected” via outside Sorosian-proxy(imo) computer hacking, and all we can get from the Spanish, are shrugged-shoulders, and “Lo Selente”(sorry). Even, imo, SCYTL, admitted that it was hacked, previously. Who’s the best “Anti-hack” software developer, that has home, wife & family HERE, in the ‘States? Don’t you see it, Friends. We’re “worried” about WHO…when the anti-Globalist question SHOULD be, HOW…

  2. S,J and MJW, yes, these are both terrible candidates from a “rational-environmentalist” standpoint. Not sure of the others. But the much more desireable folks are just not in it this time (so far). So I’m afraid it’s similar to last go-around, hold your nose and vote against Obama (the disaster one). Or, maybe more important, vote to get both the house AND senate in republican hands (or more rational-conservative).

  3. So Peter Ferrara, an economic adviser for Newt Gingrich, is trying to scare people away from voting for a rival candidate. Of course, there’s only one candidate I can think of who joined with Nancy Pelosi to push for climate control legislation — and it ain’t Romney.

  4. There you have it, Paul, Newt, or Santorum fans. Ramney is the “Obama” of the Right. By putting those lefties in, THOSE mentioned were the Globalists…that will make Ramney, either a McCain-like throw-away, or a Rockefeller-RINO-Republicrat-PUKE, even IF he wins. Ramney won’t even KNOW he’s screwing us and millions of western Mormons, because the West is more spread-out–we NEED more gas to get-around and do stuff. But Green agendas will screw this country and others into a Marxian Age of Fascism with a Murderous end-note. Now, I WONDER…if Ramney’s a Globalist? Not to “worry” anyway,–everybody’s forgetting the Spanish-firm that will TALLY Nobama’s winning vote, thanks to:–no possible oversight, –a crooked-Congress, and, Clinton ownership/influence of that Spanish, “Tally-Whacker”! I’m guessing a 70-30 landslide FOR Ramney that’ll be switched, via one key-stroke, to another 4 for Nobama 70, Mitt 30. WANTING Martial-law, Nobama won’t CARE whether there are riots over it, or not. You heard it first here, another Nobama Regime, I PRAY I’M WRONG!

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