FakeGate beats DenierGate in google war: DeSmog disaster spreads

“In the big battle for the meme-of-the-moment, Fakegate has won.”

“DeSmog can’t be too happy about this. Google “DenierGate” and get 67,000 results, but google “Fakegate” and get 168,000.”

Full story at JoNova.

2 thoughts on “FakeGate beats DenierGate in google war: DeSmog disaster spreads”

  1. It must irritate the climate change agitators to have a survey based on Google search cast in their teeth. Not scientific, you say?

  2. Same thing with ClimateGate vs. “SwiftHack”, the name our AGW friends tried to attach to that scandal. I’d never heard of that version until after I’d just used my initials instead than my longer name at a pro-AGW blog, and some guy got it into his head that I had something to do with ClimateGate after I cracked Steve Milloy’s “I’m FOIA™” joke. See http://ijish.livejournal.com/45968.html

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