Ex-UN Climate Chief: 2-degree Warming Target 'Out of Reach'

Former IPCC chief Bob Watson agreed with Yvo de Boer.

Outcome Magazine reports:

The UN’s former climate chief on Tuesday said the global warming pledge he helped set at the Copenhagen Summit little more than two years ago was already unattainable.

“I think two degrees is out of reach,” Yvo de Boer, former executive secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said on the sidelines of a conference here on June’s Rio+20 summit.

The UNFCCC’s 195 parties have pledged to limit the rise in global average temperatures to two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit)…

3 thoughts on “Ex-UN Climate Chief: 2-degree Warming Target 'Out of Reach'”

  1. They can make all the pledges they like – until one of them is officially appointed ‘God’ or ‘Mother nature’ then they are wasting their time and lots of taxpayer funds!

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