Bo Derek to save polar bears

Fortunately, they don’t need her.

CTV reports:

Beauty Bo Derek and billionaire Richard Branson have joined forces to save Canada’s polar bear population from extinction. But the job won’t get done unless individuals harness their power to bring about change, according to actress Derek.

That is the message that Derek, 55, and Branson, 61, brought to Toronto on Tuesday, during a press conference on behalf of the Canadian chapter of WildAid…

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9 thoughts on “Bo Derek to save polar bears”

  1. OMG, They are both like totally blonde! Save the polar bears and the coal! They’re equally endangered. (I just flashed on a scene in A Mighty Wind where the blonde PR woman expresses appreciation for model trains because where else would they have gotten the idea for real ones.)

    Branson proves one of my annoying facts of life. Smart people do stupid things all the time. Social vanity is metaphysical lobotomy.

  2. Her campaign is a great success. The polar bears are not extinct. She has convinced me to stop using products that use polar bears. I’ve dropped Coca Cola, Al Gore and some Disney Movies.

  3. Another “Dizzy Blonde” and a hypocrite, who owns a huge fleet of jumbo-jets, plus a space-shuttle service, which both need huge quantities of gas to get off the ground and pollute the air. I guess, both need the media-attention, but do not possess any intelligence.

  4. I’d suggest they camp out on the ice near a concentration of polar bears. Any bear can always use an easy meal. Although I’m not sure what all that silicone might do for their digestion.

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