Barrante: Revisiting the question of warming

“One thing we do know is pretty certain, based on 400,000 years of Earth history. Global warming or not, the Earth is poised to return to its normal temperature, ice age, and humans in the future will simply have to deal with it.”

Physical chemist James Barrante writes in the Waterbury Republican American:

…The strong relationship between global temperature and CO2, documented by ice-core studies, makes scientific sense only if the CO2 is the effect rather than the cause. Correlation does not necessarily describe cause and effect. In the last transition from ice age to our present climate, global temperature changed about 15 F. For CO2 to have caused this change, atmospheric levels of CO2 would have had to double at least three times to about 1,400 ppm. Ice-core studies show that during this period, CO2 levels increased from 180 ppm to 280 ppm. CO2 is very soluble in water, and a considerable amount is dissolved in our oceans, which cover about 70 percent of the planet…

4 thoughts on “Barrante: Revisiting the question of warming”

  1. LOL – you are truly a sad case. CO2 has changed the way it behaves just because humans are now inhabiting Earth. Someone needs to take you back to your first physics and science courses if you honestly believe what you just wrote.

  2. “Physical chemist James Barrante” – Fixing the typo: Blasphemer James Barrante. Back to you Dr. Mann.

  3. Well… duh,,,, C02 was reactive, not proactive so to speak in the climate cycles then,,,, The sun was driving things for the time period in question (more precisely, the variations in the earths orbit and axis of rotation…)

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