Actress Capshaw: Inhofe effort to undo EPA mercury rule 'immoral and unsafe'

Vacuum-packed Jessica Capshaw doesn’t realize that ambient mercury in California air (which is not dangerous in the first place) comes from Mother Nature and China.

Actress Jessica Capshaw writes in The Hill:

…The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that were released at the beginning of this year are critically important to protecting our children’s health. But the moment the ruling was released polluters, their lobbyists, and politicians began to fight them. Sen. Inhofe is leading the pack with a Congressional Review Act.

I believe that what is happening is immoral and unsafe. And as a mother, I won’t stand for things that endanger my child — ALL our children — a moment longer..

5 thoughts on “Actress Capshaw: Inhofe effort to undo EPA mercury rule 'immoral and unsafe'”

  1. Any actor or actress from Calif. is missing a logical brain. THey make choices based on feelings not facts. Therefore they are to be ignored.

  2. Ah yes, another piece of brilliant commentary from someone who plays pretend for a living. I think it is time for the American Right to develop a boycott list of companies and entertainers who use the Constitution like a doormat. There are actors out there that believe in the real history and spirit of our country but they are often blackballed by producers and directors. I don’t see a need for me to subsidize the very people that want to destroy our way of life. There are so many books to read, who needs vacuous drones like Capshaw to be entertained.

  3. Vacuous celebrities always engage the heroic routine even when not acting,”Not for me, I’m a celebrity that doesn’t care for myself, I just want to save, save, save, anything that makes me look good”.

    I bet this idiotic parrot unknowingly allows her children to be around low energy mercury filled light bulbs.

  4. Actually “spew” is what usually happens to my coffee when I read this kind of drivel. It’s awfully hard on my computer.

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