Zubrin: Blockading Canadian Oil

Keystone XL rejection weakens America and strengthens her enemies.

Robert Zubrin writes in the Washington Times:

… In acting to blockade Canadian oil from reaching the world market, the administration is acting in accord with the interests of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil cartel, which wishes to see supplies limited so it can maintain high oil prices at the expense of the West. In so doing, it is imposing a tax on the U.S. economy inimical to an economic recovery, without even offering the fiscal benefit of other types of taxes. The revenue in question will be paid not to our own government, but to other governments, several of which are engaged in supporting, promoting or preparing acts of war and terror against the United States.

At a time when the need for action to deal with the threat of the Iranian atomic-weapon effort demands that the government do everything in its power to assure supplies of liquid fuel from non-Middle Eastern sources, the Obama administration is doing the exact opposite. Instead of seeking to create energy security, it is maximizing our energy vulnerability.

While the administration claims that it wishes to stop the Iranian nuclear bomb program, its Keystone decision serves not only to protect it, but to help fund it…

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