Whine Country Tour: Hayhoe releases ‘hate’ mail

Katharine Hayhoe has nothing on JunkScience.com or the rest of us who combat radical environmentalism.

About the “hate mail” that alarmist Katharine Hayhoe has reportedly received since being outed as a chapter author in Newt Gingrich’s upcoming book on the environment, the TM Daily Post reports,

… Curious to peek into that “avalanche of venomous emails”? Now you can, as Hayhoe shared them with the Texas Climate News.

Here’s a selection: “DUMPED FROM GINGRICH’S BOOK HA HA HA […] IT’S A GREAT START!!! SEE YA, FRAUDSTER – GET A REAL JOB, MCDONALD’S IS HIRING.” Another seemed to be channelling U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson: “[Y]ou are nothing but a liar; you lie.”

A third message was pure venom, with a side of crazy:

You are a mass murderer and will be convicted at the Reality TV Grand Jury in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania. … After the Grand Jury indicts you, I would like to see you convicted and beheaded by guillotine in the public square, to show women that if they are going to take a man’s job, they have to take the heat for mass murder, just like the men do when they get caught…

But here’s an example of “hate mail” that we received last June:

I hope you die of the AIDS.

PS- Please publish my Email. I’m no coward.

You may also compare and contrast Hayhoe’s experience with the volumes of hate mail JunkScience.com friend Michael Fumento has received over the years.

4 thoughts on “Whine Country Tour: Hayhoe releases ‘hate’ mail”

  1. OK, I think I’m starting to grasp Hahoe’s point now. There are kooks in the world. Who wudda’ thunk?

    It is always amusing to see the reaction when an alarmist occasionally bumps into reality. Sigh, living in a fantasy world is like totally so much more awesome. Wishing you a only a future of unicorns dancing with kittens on rainbows Hayhoe….

  2. So why did NG even include her in his proposed book in the first place? This is why I get so concerned about NG and MR concerning their environmental and natural resource development policies. I think they are too namby-pamby jelly spines. Never do we hear about the negative and unintended consequences of the Endangered Species Act. What about private property rights? What about the pathetic management of our resources on public lands by the federal government?

  3. Steve, I hope you win the lottery, inherit millions, live to be 150, then die in bed with your boots on and with a hot blonde granting your last wish.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! Read Ann Coulter’s book, “Demonic”…….How the liberal mob is endangering America…..the authors of these emails would be right there with the yelling fishwives cheering on the guillotine. The mob!!!

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