West Virginia Redo: Morgantown Reverses Stance on EPA Resolution

It’s hard to believe that there are three government officials in Morgantown, WV who would vote against coal twice.

MetroNews reports:

Morgantown City Council members rescinded a resolution Monday that urges the federal Environmental Protection Agency to “move swiftly to fully employ and enforce the Clean Air Act.”

Council unanimously passed the resolution last week after no discussion. Several councilors later expressed regret about approving the resolution. Mayor Jim Manilla and Deputy Mayor Ron Bane both said they did not read over the resolution before approving it.

On Monday, council members discussed the resolution for about 20 minutes before voting 4-3 to rescind it.

Councilors Bill Byrne, Jenny Selin and Marti Shamberger voted to keep the resolution. Mayor Jim Manilla joined councilors, Jim Bane, Linda Herbst and Wes Nugent in voting to rescind the resolution…

Read the entire report.

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