WashExam: House can prevent Big Green’s California dust bowl

“At last check, the Constitution still supercedes the Endangered Species Act.”

The Washington Examiner editorializes:

It’s highly unlikely but somewhere in America there may yet be a more heart-wrenching example of human misery caused by Big Green environmental extremism than the dust bowl that California’s Central Valley is becoming. Regardless, the House of Representatives has an opportunity today to put an end to the needless devastation wreaked upon America’s most fertile farmlands in order to protect the delta smelt, a three-inch fish found almost exclusively in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley estuary. Big Green extremists claim the Endangered Species Act requires the delta smelt to be protected, even if that means putting thousands of people from hundreds of productive family farms in the unemployment lines. House members can stop this insanity today by passing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act…

Read the entire editorial.

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