US on brink of strong oil, gas growth, Senate panel told

Then we will also be on the brink of even greater fearmongering by the enviros.

The Oil & Gas Journal reports,

Higher crude oil prices, breakthroughs in technology, and more access to prospective acreage are creating a US oil production revival that is a major break from nearly 40 years of declining production, two experts told the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Jan. 31.

“We believe that by 2020, the United States will become the largest producer of hydrocarbons in the world, surpassing Russia,” said Roger Diwan, partner and head of financial advisory operations at PFC Energy. Now that producers have solved the problem of producing oil and gas from tight shale formations, the nation is on the verge of a golden energy era which is reshaping the industry worldwide, he maintained…

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3 thoughts on “US on brink of strong oil, gas growth, Senate panel told”

  1. I think the banner is incorrect, should be Senate panel warned.
    There’s gonna be too much producin’ goin’ on here. Senate must act to avoid independence.

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