UK Progressive: Europe’s Extreme Frost Gives Climate Deniers False Hope

Warmists think they can give climate change-level explanations for specific weather events.

The UK Progressive reports:

… New research shows that global warming has actually contributed to Europe’s winter frost…

Scientists explain that the rising Arctic temperatures that have reduced floating ice cover by 20 percent over the last three decades, and the sun’s rays that are now absorbed by dark-blue sea rather than being bounced back into space by reflective ice and snow, together with extreme heat, has created a strong high-pressure system that has brought the cold polar air into Europe this week.

Stefan Rahmstorf, a climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Gremany said, “Say the ocean is at zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), that is a lot warmer than the overlying air in the polar area in winter, so you get a major heat flow heating up the atmosphere from below which you don’t have when it is covered by ice. That’s a massive change.”

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3 thoughts on “UK Progressive: Europe’s Extreme Frost Gives Climate Deniers False Hope”

  1. johnaffleck,

    there is a difference between ice and water besides the state change. Water has a higher emissivity than ice. It also conducts better. It really isn’t the same, as water will cool or warm the air more than ice at the same temp!!

    Of course Stefan the putz ignores that this is a FEEDBACK that ultimately will cool the northern hemisphere slightly putting us back to the last cooling period depending on the insolation we are getting.

    Rahmstorf needs to talk to Piers Corbyn about why the circulation changes!! 8>)

  2. It’s a false hope because you’re contending with an emotionally driven cult/belief system; you’ll just have to wait until the loonies move on to worrying about the orbit of the moon; it doesn’t matter how cold it gets, global warming will be a terrible threat until we finally manage to stop publicising it.

  3. But if the ice was there, it would be at 32 degrees; result the same. Apparently this person is a complete idiot. This subject of polar ice is the easiest one to debunk of all the climate alarmist scenarios; there was no polar ice in 1040-41; but there was a world war going on and no UN to exploit the newsworthiness in order to become more powerful and have a larger budget; also a photograph taken by a camera on a research baloon in 1926 shows no polar ice. apparently, the polar ice comes and goes for reasons of it’s own which are un-related to human activity and not very significant. I especially like the part about “together with extreme heat”; wtf? The name of the institution is nice too; the Climate Impact Research; if there’s no impact, boys and girls, we’re out of funding, so crank up the propaganda machine. Hilarious.

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