Todd Tanner: ‘If Climate Change Isn’t Real, I’ll Give You My Beretta’

A Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge over/under.

Field & Stream reports:

The Conservation Hawks is a new group dedicated to harnessing the power of sportsmen to address climate change. Stop. Before you give in to anger, or to the “conservation fatigue” that can fall upon us like a giant wet carpet whenever climate change is mentioned, consider this: If you can convince Conservation Hawks chairman Todd Tanner that he’s wasting his time, that he does not have to worry about climate change, he will present to you his most prized possession: A Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge over/under that was a gift from his wife, and has been a faithful companion on many a Montana bird hunt. I know the gun, and I’ve hunted and fished with Todd for years. He’s not kidding. You convince him, he’ll give you the gun.

Conservation Hawks has an all-star board of directors, including my friends Bill Geer and Katie McKalip, who both work for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and have a deep understanding of the issues we face as sportsmen. I talked with Todd Tanner recently about what the Conservation Hawks hope to accomplish.

Hal Herring: First, are you serious about the Beretta?

Todd Tanner: I am serious. If somebody can convince me that I don’t have to worry about climate change, I’ll give it them. Or I’ll auction it off and donate the proceeds to the charity of their choice. But it will have to be a real argument, with real facts. I don’t think that argument exists, but I’m willing to be surprised…

7 thoughts on “Todd Tanner: ‘If Climate Change Isn’t Real, I’ll Give You My Beretta’”

  1. So True, Joe. IF…it were occuring, why would human-caused climate change necessarily be bad? And what a SCAM, declaring CO2 to be bad, when it’s used to “finish” many greenhouse crops. Methane quickly dissipates, imo,–is a reminder that oil’s being made, thousands of feet down. I think the Globalists came up with the idea of having people pay for Nothing (-carbon taxes/CO2 sequestration), from the diamond industry, that keeps prices high, when the real costs of diamonds are in the inclusions(-“flaws”/not ), and the faceting that cause the “sparkle”. Industrial-diamonds are man-made, and very good for cutting, costing maybe $40.00/caret, and real ones can be found on the beaches in places like Namimbia(–West coast of Africa). So after cutting, a jeweler has maybe half or less in a natural stone with the 4 Cs, than he’ll charge you for. But if value is artificially added to carbon & CO2, that just hurts you, I, and our families. Charging for CO2 and sequestration, ALSO FUNDS the Globalists and their freedom-robbing organs,–none of which we want!

  2. Nice bet. Even a sudden ice age wouldn’t CONVINCE this guy that “climate change” of the IPCC climate model predicted type isn’t happening.

    He should give up his shot gun if he cannot demonstrate where any “climate change” in North America since the dawn of the 20th century has adversely permanently affected wildlife. I’ll accept this even if it cannot be proven to be man-made “climate change”. which it cannot. At least my wager gives the guy a chance.

    Secondly he should demonstrate how naturally occuring “climate change” would be OK, while human caused “climate change” must necessarilly be bad.

  3. Edward Gallager is right on the button with his comments – Listen you mouthy warmist guys out there – get a few real facts straight ‘The climate has always been changing’ If you have a problem with that don’t keep telling us the science is settled, simply come up with some incontrovertible evidence(facts) that show that mankind is in fact altering some aspect of the earths climate and also what aspects – it’s no good saying that weather has become more extreme – read a bit of history or is that too difficult for you to do – the fact is that you are a left wing socialist rabble who through the generosity of millions of taxpayers have been able to attend august learning establishments (Varsities) and now with all your new gained knowledge want to push any, or all, wing bat agenda’s upon those who are still paying to support you in your throne-rooms! The actual object of the ‘lefts’ agenda has been well and truly lost so now you lot are all clutching at any straw you can grab Viz: Agenda 21 !!!

  4. Money quote (literally): “If somebody can convince me that I don’t have to worry about climate change, I’ll give it them.”

    It’s one thing to convince Mr. Tanner that climate change isn’t real (of course it is – and always will be). It’s quite another thing to convince him that he doesn’t HAVE TO worry about it.

    It’s surprising that his first phrasing of the question is cleverly spun to be impossible and his second phrasing of the question is TRIVIALLY EASY.

    Obviously, Todd is not a spin artist and we should take his challenge seriously and not play clever games with his wording. The key, of course, is that a warmer world, with more CO2, is a world teeming with ever more life. I wonder what Todd’s thoughts are on whether the CO2 emitted over the last few centuries might have prevented the Little Ice Age from tipping into a full blown one. Furthermore, given the time-tables commonly agreed on, isn’t the next ice age overdue? If you really HAVE TO worry about something, isn’t this a better choice? (note: I realize this would still qualify as worrying about climate change.)

    Oh, and please tell Todd that his shotgun is in the best of hands and should stay right where it is. Besides, even offering to get rid of a gift from your wife is a recipe for an ice age — if you know what I mean.

  5. Another alarmist/hysteric that totally misses the point. It is not whether the is changing. Of course it is, otherwise it would be broken and we would really have something to worry about. The point is if human use of fossil fuels is causing the change and is that change significant enough to worry about. Finally, is there something we can do to change that we are not causing?

  6. Paraphrasing: “Failure to get me to give up what is most precious to me would be scientific proof that climate change is ‘real’ and something to worry about.” Sounds like Phil Jones, and their scientific criteria for accepting skeptical crticism. (And no, I’m not accepting the old switcheroo trying to put the burden of proof on the skeptic.)

    If you’re a hunter, fisherman, 4-wheeler, skier, etc., be afraid of the warmists. If you can’t do that, worry about PETA.

  7. A deep understanding.

    Don’t step in it.

    TR Conservation Partnership, because ENVIRONMENTALIST has become a
    dirty word.

    TRCP is another faux group like American Hunters and Shooters. They don’t
    have the guts to say what they are really for. Or against.

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