Sierra Club seeks to block gas export facility

Go on, take the money and run.

Fresh off admitting that it has been paid $26 million over the past several years by the natural gas industry to attack the coal industry, the Sierra Club is now biting that hand that used to feed it by petitioning the Department of Energy to deny the application for a liquid natural gas export facility in Maryland.

Click for the Sierra Club petition.

Below is the Sierra Club’s new theme song.

4 thoughts on “Sierra Club seeks to block gas export facility”

  1. Nothing is changed here. Natgas flows across a terminal already existing. That plant had an
    extensive environmental study. One billion cfd is a lot of gas and a lot of jobs earning a lot of
    money. I take my first sentence back; the plant needs liquefaction facilities and little more.

  2. David, as I recall the greenies claimed that the New Orleans LNG facility risked absolute destruction of everything nearby, as the LNG involved could explode with the force of two or several hydrogen bombs. Apparently that approach didn’t work.

  3. I worked at Cataract Engineering in the early 1980’s when we did the first LNG facility in the US down by New Orleans. We did the start up on that facility.

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